Khangelani Dziba

Masters Candidate and professional
Location:South Africa


Khangelani Dziba is a Marketing and Brand Communications enthusiast who has over 7 years of experience in the industry as an Account Director. He enjoys writing about contemporary topics and has contributed significantly to marketing platforms which further saw him being dubbed Bizcommunity's Top 10 Most Read Contributor in 2018 and 2019. He is a Masters Candidate in Brand Leadership at Vega and an African Change Makers Fellow. Follow him across social media platforms using @khangelanidziba.
Why brands need to be more inclusive

Marketing and brand communications enthusiast, Khangelani Dziba writes about the recent debate sparked by the Nikon influencer marketing campaign and how brands need to ensure that their strategies include more diversity, more transformation and more inclusion...

By Khangelani Dziba 6 Aug 2020

Do we suffer from late bloomer syndrome?

Prism Young judge Khangelani Dziba asks if we suffer from late bloomer syndrome...

By Khangelani Dziba 28 Jul 2020

#PrideMonthSA: Why South African brands need serious queer representation

It's time for us to start having broader conversations about who is represented, how are they represented and why they are represented the way they are in South African brand advertising during Pride Month...

By Khangelani Dziba 25 Oct 2019

PR, media and social media should all be in the same WhatsApp group

PR practitioners should be the ones who are there when media buying strategies are being curated, sold to clients and engagements are taking place with media houses to negotiate further how brands can leverage that media spend for PR deliverables...

By Khangelani Dziba 19 Jun 2019

Businesses need to start investing in creatives more than they think

The reality is, we all know the economy has not been performing great in the last few years and even more so in the last year, which has ultimately put an extreme amount of pressure on businesses to perform at a level that will continue to showcase value...

By Khangelani Dziba 9 May 2019

Boom, and then there were all these market changes

How much of this traditional media, earned media and media relations tactics still work?...

By Khangelani Dziba 4 Apr 2019

What is really in the letter "A" that cannot be fixed anyway?

Khangelani Dziba lists key brand building and sustenance lessons to be learned from Bonang Matheba's unveiling of the new House of Bonang MCC...

By Khangelani Dziba 26 Mar 2019

Industry folks, it's time to make the circle bigger

Khangelani Dziba reflects on being chosen as one of the Prisms Young Judges and calls on industry folks to open the industry to more millennials...

By Khangelani Dziba 17 Apr 2018

Brands, it's International Women's Day, why can't we do things differently?

International Women's Day has got Khangelani Dziba interrogating the different set of binaries that exist for women and men. Some acceptable and some not so much...

By Khangelani Dziba 9 Mar 2018

The time for Africa is not now - Africa is now

If you have not seen it, global is fast looking at Africa more and more as a place of innovation...

By Khangelani Dziba 28 Feb 2018

History has a way of repeating itself, even in PR

Khangelani Dziba writes that there's currently a shift taking place that's influencing how we do marketing and PR...

By Khangelani Dziba 22 Feb 2018

Great brand communications solutions come from collaboration

There is a need for more collaboration from all the different parts that make up brand communications....

By Khangelani Dziba 6 Nov 2017

Open up the industry - more millenials need a chance

We need to have broader conversations around how we can open up the industry to make it more inclusive...

By Khangelani Dziba 3 Oct 2017

Why do some brands still shy away from giving consumers experiences?

Khangelani Dziba writes that brands giving consumers experiences as a way of marketing their brands, building brand love and affinity is definitely one that needs to start dominating the discourse of most marketers...

By Khangelani Dziba 8 Sep 2017

What's taught in lecture rooms should match the real world

Do PR students really extract value from the course work at varsity or is it a complete waste when they are introduced to the world of work?

By Khangelani Dziba 7 Aug 2017

Brands, Black Twitter will come for you if you are not careful

Khangelani Dziba believes brands should be encouraged to have voices and state their position in the market but this right comes with a huge responsibility and a need for heightened awareness...

By Khangelani Dziba 31 Jul 2017

A reimagined approach is needed to solve South Africa's social ills

South Africa's ability to solve issues will not only come from traditional platforms but rather from an integrated and united approach that is inclusive of different ways of thinking and solving challenges...

By Khangelani Dziba 24 Jul 2017

Let's face it, PR is a dying practice and there is no going back!

Khangelani Dziba writes about the future of PR in an era that is ever-evolving and elaborates on finding new, exciting and interesting ways of communicating brand messages...

By Khangelani Dziba 12 Jul 2017

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