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Breaking trends at BizTrendsLIVE! event
Since 2007, BizTrends has been providing the definitive African B2B industry trend report. In anticipation of the forthcoming decade 2020, Bizcommunity invited contributors to 'Join our Vision for Africa' to provide a snapshot forecast of the key trends from our region that will impact Africa and the rest of the world. Curated by our editorial team, #BizTrends2019 offers the very highest level of thought leadership from our multi-industry contributors and we are so proud and grateful for their input....
4 Feb 2019 08:50
Times Media launches VR innovations
Virtual reality cardboard headsets and glasses were launched this week at the event in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Read more here. All pictures courtesy of Times Media.
18 Aug 2016 13:23
New look for Soul City Institute
The Soul City Institute, a social justice communications organisation, in its new incarnation, will address social issues and how they affect young woman and girls who have been identified as an at-risk population group.
15 Aug 2016 13:47
Cointreau Creative Crew launches in South Africa
Cointreau has launched their Cointreau Creative Crew campaign in South Africa. First launched in Europe last year, the Cointreau Creative Crew empowers woman to boost their creativity and make their dreams a reality.
21 Apr 2016 14:32
#BizTrends 2015
Some of the brightest minds joined Bizcommunity for the #BizTrends 2015 event at Inner City Ideas Cartel on Thursday, 12 February 2015.
17 Feb 2015 10:32
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