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#BizTrends2019: Five major digital and social media marketing trends accelerating in SA

The field of digital and social media marketing is constantly changing as technology advances and consumer needs develop. It is paramount for us to stay ahead of the curve with continual innovation and the application thereof.
Zubeida Goolam and Wayne Flemming of BrandTruth.

We foresee five major trends accelerating in South Africa in 2019:

1. Digital-first adaptive content

This type of marketing allows people to engage with the content in some way. We’re in an era where attention is expensive and the information is cheap, and we know that content is only as powerful as the way it reaches its audience.

Content needs to be adapted to how the audience consumes it, whether it is the online streaming of a video service or on channels like Instagram and Spotify - all based on audience interest. It is developed around their context, mood and goals. Ultimately, the takeout is ‘more’. More adaptive content, more interactive content, and more personalised content.

2. Three-second vertical video formats

This is from both a brand love and a performance media perspective. According to research by Facebook, vertical videos get almost 40% more views than horizontal videos. The success of three-second vertical videos will be in the challenge of landing the brand, the transformation/idea and the call-to-action, in three seconds.

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3. Purpose-driven creative

The title of Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones’ book perfectly explains this concept, Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn.

Brands that take an, often, moral position on a social issue, and stick to it, are having a greater impact on the market. Brands that act in favour of something and view their audience as citizens, not merely consumers. Two examples of such marketing is Nike’s campaign in support of South Africa’s Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya, and Absolut Vodka, which has been celebrating gay pride since 1981, having introduced special bottles with LGBTQI messaging, and having been a sponsor of RuPaul’s drag race for a number of years.

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Corporates and brands need to know what their purpose is, and provide solutions, not advertise to them.

4. Voice and digital audio

The rise of voice prompts and digital audio presents a new spectrum of audience engagement opportunities. Digital audio is quickly on the rise through streaming services and digital advertising platforms with opportunities to engage with various contextual audiences with content can be specifically tailored to

5. Generation Z

They grew up in the digital era with more access to a global perspective than other generations. The messaging to this sector needs to be contextual, catering to the way this group experiences life - through digital and through the fact that they are set on individuality.

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Marketing to this group needs to start now because, in time to come, this generation will have enormous buying power and will seek a unique experience from the brands they do business or associate with.
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About the author

With a rich history and culture, Zubeida had an impressive repertoire, spanning over many years at industry giants, before starting and then dominating with her own company BrandTruth. With solid experience in the industry, Wayne Flemming is a business visionary and IMC content creator who describes himself as a "marketing fanatic". His bold thinking is supported by his strong strategy and leadership skills, and he is also a storyteller at heart.
Derick Poremba-Brumer
Purpose-driven creative ... disability
Posted on 29 Jan 2019 18:16