Bronwyn Williams

Trend Analyst - Marketing Strategist
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Futurist, economist and trend analyst. Partner at Flux Trends.
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#PulpNonFiction: Leadership lessons from terrible people

Bronwyn Williams spends a lot of time reading, thinking and talking about leadership - what makes leaders effective, what makes them loved and what inspires people to follow someone else into an unknown future...

By Bronwyn Williams 2 days ago

#PulpNonFiction: Advertisers, be clear about what you want to say and why!

This week, Bronwyn Williams read Richard Feynman's QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter...

By Bronwyn Williams 3 May 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Things fall apart (when you focus on the loudest voices)

Bronwyn Williams says she finally got around to reading China Achebe's Things Fall Apart, that most well renowned and highly regarded work of African literature which brought the last days of pre-colonial Africa into light for the world at large...

By Bronwyn Williams 26 Apr 2021

#PulpNonFiction: An ideal customer

Bronwyn Williams has been re-reading the plays of Oscar Wilde over the last few weeks and what she noticed was that a common trope he used to its full effect with his trademark wit was the idea of characters seeing others as who they wanted them to be rather than as who those others really are...

By Bronwyn Williams 19 Apr 2021

#PulpNonFiction: The lessons we never learn

This week, Bronwyn Williams has been reading a version of Aesop's Fables written for adults and her favourite of these is the one about the frog king...

By Bronwyn Williams 12 Apr 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Wisdom or made of crowds?

This week Bronwyn Williams read two books, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Financial Panics and Manias by Charles Mackay, and The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki...

By Bronwyn Williams 29 Mar 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Future you; is personal identity even a thing anymore?

Who are you? This sounds like a simple question, but really it's just about the hardest question there is. Philosophers have wrestled with it for millennia, and have still not settled on a definitive answer...

By Bronwyn Williams 22 Mar 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Standing up in flatland

This week, after listening to a podcast on rational (and not quite so rational) morality, Bronwyn Williams was reminded of a strange, skinny little book called Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott...

By Bronwyn Williams 15 Mar 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Glamorama and our digital double lives

Like everything he writes, Bret Easton Ellis' Glamorama is a wild ride. The novel, which is set in the 1990s, is said to have been the (unofficial) inspiration for the (much tamer, by comparison) cult-classic Zoolander movie franchise, due to the obvious plot similarities between the two narratives...

By Bronwyn Williams 8 Mar 2021

#PulpNonFiction: What gets measured, gets managed

Being technically "on time" means nothing if the work delivered fails to delight your customer. Sometimes it's better to just hand over the free pizza...

By Bronwyn Williams 1 Mar 2021

#PulpNonFiction: "How many men soever you slay, you will never kill your successor" ~ Senca

This week's book choice, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino is an adult fairy tale of sorts detailing the fantastical adventures of Marco Polo through a series of strange, sinister and surrealistic cities...

By Bronwyn Williams 22 Feb 2021

#PulpNonFiction: The amorality of morality marketing

This week Bronwyn Williams has been reading Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem, which illuminates the un-separation of church (morality), business and the state. "By conflating of virtue with value, brands and businesses place themselves in a no-win situation..."

By Bronwyn Williams 15 Feb 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Leaders lead, like Yoda, Gandalf... and George

Reading The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown, Bronwyn Williams draws parallels between boating and business, between the 1930s and our own timeline...

By Bronwyn Williams 8 Feb 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Who watches The Watchmen?

This week, for a change, I read a graphic novel (something I haven't done since I was a teenager). The Watchmen is a classic of the genre, and follows a group of semi retired self-appointed and superheroes, known as the Watchmen...

By Bronwyn Williams 1 Feb 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Life and death and the city

What can leaders learn from cities? Read now as Bronwyn Williams unpacks The Life and Death of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs...

By Bronwyn Williams 25 Jan 2021

#PulpNonFiction: Be brand aware and beware of hypocrisy

This week Bronwyn Williams draws parallels between an 18th century novella and the perils of brand woke washing...

By Bronwyn Williams 18 Jan 2021

#PulpNonFiction: What happens when The Machine Stops?

Welcome back to the future as our favourite bibliophile Bronwyn William's #PulpNonFiction column unpacks how a knowledge of mostly vintage sci-fi literature can be relevant to current socio-economic scenarios...

By Bronwyn Williams 11 Jan 2021

#PulpNonFiction: 12 reads for Christmas

Bronwyn Williams puts together a list of books that would make the ideal gift for everyone on your festive shopping list. Some old, some new, they are all sure to inspire interesting conversations...

By Bronwyn Williams 14 Dec 2020

#PulpNonFiction: Get into the habit of training naked

This week Bronwyn Williams reviews Pepe Marais' new book, 20 Habits that Break Habits and shows some correlations between it and Train Naked, a book her good friend Pierre DuPlessis published a few months ago...

By Bronwyn Williams 7 Dec 2020

#PulpNonFiction: When designing your future, start with dystopia

This week Bronwyn Williams (finally) finished reading Hilary Mantel's "epic" Wolf Hall Trilogy...

By Bronwyn Williams 30 Nov 2020

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