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Get the basics right

Two experiences in one week prompted me to write this article. Great TV campaigns, CRM programmes, social media etc. will not help if one does not get the basics right...

Shopping at the "wrong" store

I was shopping at Pick n Pay. Two ladies in Checkers uniforms were standing in front of me, while queuing to pay. I jokingly said, "Are you not in the wrong store"? They were very quick to tell me that they were in THE best store and that they regularly shop at Pick n Pay. If Checkers' employees believe this, then why should anybody shop at Checkers?

I am not saying that they should not shop where they want to, but certainly not in their Checkers uniforms and showing disloyalty so openly. It is a well-known fact that one's employees are a very powerful marketing/PR tool. So, they need to be trained to market the brand properly.

The third cheapest

While shopping at a liquor chain store, I noticed one of the wines I like had suddenly doubled in price. I asked the lady at the till if this was not a mistake. She replied that it was not on "special" any more. I knew that other stores sell the wine at half the price.

She then explained to me that Pick n Pay sells the cheapest wine, then Tops and then their own chain. She basically told me I shouldn't be shopping at this store. It also made me wonder how many more customers heard the same "advice".

So, fellow marketers, before spending your millions on marketing, make sure you have got the basics right!

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