Food, fashion, lifestyle trends with new Style Trunk

A new online digital magazine Style Trunk that focuses on international trends in food, fashion and lifestyle, launches today 14 February 2013. Published by Tsala Media and Communications, it aims to marry the commercial aspect of the magazine trade with the intimacy bloggers have accomplished.
One of the key objectives of editor-in-chief, Tracey Chè King, is to display the best of local and international lifestyle trends from various genres. Currently, many publications focus on one lifestyle genre and neglect the wide range of sub-cultures that exist in the top end of the market.

"I've always been fascinated by the magazine industry especially in relation to fashion and food. As things started moving towards digital, I was lured to the world of blogs away from traditional print media. I was an avid follower of international bloggers such as The Man Repeller, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Bryanboy to name a few. I admired the way they curated their personal style and personal interests, but wondered what would happen if you moved the focus away from yourself and focussed on a greater audience; without losing the highly curated, intimate effect. The Style Trunk is my attempt to do just this," says King.

Not only will it have daily informative features posted on the site but it will also offer brands an opportunity to showcase their products on a high-end scale through commercial partnerships and collaborations, thereby giving them access to new niche markets.

"We recognise that there is a greater need for brands to get into the digital space beyond the pay-per-click model and we've therefore positioned the magazine within the context and framework of the company." Future projects of this media house include the production of coffee table books and television and web content in the food, fashion and lifestyle genres.

Visitors to the portal will have access to the latest international and local trends, fashion features, creative DIY tips, restaurant and travel reviews, videos, a high-end online shop and more.

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benni cooper
Are they more like offering products like those shown at , I am actually seen that site which is very hard enough to catch up to be included in event like this, their stuff are great but seems limited.
Posted on 16 Mar 2014 12:15
owen summer
It is best when the magazine is in digital print and distributes in an area where massive consumers and competitions are on the front line. Speaking of digital prints, they can try this .
Posted on 12 Mar 2016 05:36