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Time to binge-watch

The online AFDA Graduation Festival goes live 28 November 2018
The AFDA 2018 Graduation Festival concluded this weekend with the screenings of over 80 Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Masters films, documentaries, music videos and TV pilots, theatre plays, music performances and business launches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. All the respective venues were jam-packed. The majority of the screenings were sold out and audiences showed their appreciation with raucous rounds of applause and standing ovations.

"At Grad Fest, I am always blown away by the students - this year, I was so impressed with the amount of alumni that attended and supported. It really adds value for the graduating students and builds community - which extends further than AFDA. I did walk around like a proud dad the whole festival, but in the end - we can only be proud of the things we do ourselves. The students did all the work. And they deserve all the praise." says AFDA Johannesburg Head of Postgraduate School, Francois Smit.

"After the screening of our first ever honours film, 'Isikhalo: The Outcry', the projectionist came down into the cinema with tears in his eyes to congratulate and embrace the cast and crew. It was wonderful and touching experience." says AFDA Port Elizabeth Dean, Michael Ivy.

For those of you who were unable to attend the festival or could not get tickets, the annual Online AFDA Graduation Festival 2018 kicks-off on Wednesday 28 November and will run up until the new year. Binge watch over 80 films over the holidays, share your best ones with your friends and most importantly, enjoy. It's just a click away!!!

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