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CCBSA launches 'virtual village' for female employees

Coca-Cola Beverages SA has created a virtual 'village-like' network for its female employees to connect with each other and have a shared resource of tools, case studies and practical guides to help them "achieve their full potential in the workplace, in the home and in the broader community".
The network, called Women@CCBSA, reportedly aims to help female employees get exposure to greater training opportunities, meet real-life women role models, get a chance to show off their skills and learn how to rise through the ranks, without losing the integrity of their leadership style.

“CCBSA is a proudly South African company which understands the challenges faced by our country in the past and still does in the present, and least being the disempowerment of women and girl children, says managing director Velaphi Ratshefola. “As a company, we have committed ourselves to the empowerment of women and we are working hard to create a conducive environment for women to thrive,” he added.

Next generation of female leaders

CCBSA, which was formed out of the merger of six companies in 2016, has a staff complement of 7,500. According to the company, it wants to ensure that women do not feel alone in their journey.

"For instance, we want to support women at CCBSA to ensure they never have to make the difficult choice of family or career. We want to give them the requisite support and tools to successfully manage both – and for them to never feel inadequate and demeaned if they choose one over the other,” says public affairs and communications director, Tshidi Ramogase.

Coke bottler dedicates R3.9bn of procurement spend to black suppliers

Coca-Cola Beverages SA is committing to divert R3.9 billion in procurement spend, or 30% of the total, to black-owned and black women-owned organisations over the next three years...

28 Mar 2018

Ramogase added, “We want this network of powerful women to uplift each other and our communities and develop the next generation of female leaders.

“The research is unequivocal. Having more women in an organisation is imperative for any business or organisation. Companies with more women at board or senior management levels are the companies that perform the best, because they adapt more quickly to changing social and consumption trends – women are 51% of the population in SA and make 71% of all the household purchase decisions. So for us, it makes business sense.”

The launch in Pretoria will be followed by further launches throughout Women’s Month in the remaining seven CCBSA regions.
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