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Kase iPhone cover - Resilience at its best

Smartphones have tremendously changed the way we use the mobile phone as well as the way they appear. Today, the thinner and slimmer mobile you own, the more tech-savvy you are deemed. But as they say that with blessings comes bane, the same is true for smartphones. The slimmer and trimmer these have become, the higher prone to damages these are. In such a scenario, only a resilient mobile phone case can protect your pricey smartphone. How about getting the world's thinnest and sturdiest case for your mobile?
Welcome to the world of Kase — Ideal casing for iPhones and Androids

One of the many reasons people choose iPhone over other brands is that it is more reliable and sleek but that’s exactly what makes it more vulnerable to breakages and damages. However, when you have Kase protecting your iPhone, you need not worry about the device at all. Android users should not feel disappointed at all because Kase is also available for Samsung mobile phones.

What is Kase?

Kase is nothing short of a revolution in mobile phone casing. It is one of the sturdiest yet thinnest iPhone covers that you will find in the market. The unique selling point of Kase is that it is sleek and thin but created from the best quality material that makes it durable and unimaginably superior to other iPhone and Samsung cases in securing the device.

Why is Kase better than the rest?

Mobile phone cases are the most ignored of all commodities today. Manufacturers often don’t pay much heed to the way covers are designed and this is why a majority of iPhone and Android cases available in the market tend to be heavy, bulky and unattractive. Your device’s appearance is equally important as its protection, which is why Kase has been designed to complement the look of the phone instead of making it look dull and unappealing. It is made from premium quality polypropylene, is extremely lightweight and the world’s thinnest case with just 0.35mm diameter.

What makes Kase special?

There are various features that make Kase better than all other iPhone cases. It is available in a variety of colors, due to which you can easily transform your smartphone as per your personality.

Want to give your phone an utterly fresh look? Go for the Mint Green. Feeling down? Perhaps White Knight would help you feel vitalised yet again. Choices are virtually endless in Kase, so, you get to dress up your mobile phone as per your mood.

Another great feature of Kase is that despite being ultra-thin, it offers an amazingly smooth grip. There is no fear of your mobile slipping out of your hands, as is the case with many other mobile phone covers.

Kase has been designed in a truly ergonomic manner after carefully assessing the iPhone’s design due to which it fits the phone perfectly.

Still want more features?

Here’s the ultimate catch: Kase comes with a 1m-long fabric braided, Apple-certified charging cable that is durable enough to last for years and lets you recharge your phone without any difficulty. While other cables fall apart when you use your iPhone during recharging, this one won’t let you down. Why? Because, it has been made from the finest possible material, which is why it has earned a certificate from Apple.

The 90°/right-angle design of the charging socket not only provides optimal protection to the plug but also makes recharging your phone much more convenient. So, use your phone when it is being charged without any trouble.

The reinforced braided cable can support over 5,000 bend lifespan, which is much higher than other cases in the market. This means, your phone is charged quickly and data transfer also becomes faster.

There’s more to Kase than what meets the eye. You get a 30-days refund and exchange without any questions asked. What are you waiting for? Get your Kase today!

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