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Grant De Sousa shoots Aromat and Axe

Grant De Sousa of Blue Panther Films has had a busy 2010, recently shooting two commercials back to back for Aromat and Axe. Even though he has not settled on a particular genre of film making, he continues to direct charming performances in both adults and kids.

To launch Aromat's new cheese flavor, Grant was presented with a great script from DDB highlighting the lengths kids will go to for their favourite Aromat flavor.

The biggest challenge for Grant was finding a girl who possessed charm, wit and a sense of humour. "It is always a challenge getting believable performances out of kids. She performed beyond the call of duty, and was an absolute pleasure on set", says Grant.

Grant's Axe commercial for agency Lowe Bull Johannesburg held different challenges. Pigeons, gorgeous models and a Las Vegas Hotel Room all played a part in the ad, shot in a car showroom .

Grant was able to transform the location into a Las Vegas Penthouse Suite by using a blue screen and compositing moving Vegas stock footage. Add a few sexy girls to the Penthouse Suite, and you have the ultimate male fantasy highlighting the fantastic upside of buying the latest Axe deodorant.

Click here to view Aromat "Cheese"[4MB]

Click here to view Axe "Las Vegas"[4MB]

The year has been a good one for Grant with his PSA Blood Diamond having been nominated at The New York Festival, as well as the Loeries, and shortlisted at the UN Awards.

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