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Near Me: A new endpoint with millions of local users

Location Bank clients benefit from an accurate, consistent presence across all digital endpoints, from Google to Uber, Facebook, Zomato and hundreds more. An innovative new endpoint is now on that list.... Near Me.

Launched by Vicinity Media last year, Near Me is a smart microapp that’s easily integrated on any mobile site or app, serving as a ‘mini search engine' for nearby businesses. It streamlines the local search process in a more intuitive way, and has other location-based features, like the most accurate weather available on mobile web.

To date, Near Me’s local audience is a cool five million... and growing! The good news? Location Bank clients will now be published on this endpoint: something no other provider of professional digital location management can offer.

How does Near Me work?

Recognising the value of Near Me, top publishers from The Sowetan to eNCA, Lockdown Bozza, Careers Portal and many more have already launched the microapp. Here’s how it works...

  1. The publisher’s users are asked to share their location.
  2. Near Me displays nearby products/services under categories represented visually using globally recognisable icons.
  3. By clicking on a Near Me icon, users see a dropdown list of local stores/locations featuring the real-time distance and, for Location Bank clients, operating hours and a star rating too.
  4. By clicking on a listing, users are taken to a landing page with more engagement options like navigate to store or share on WhatsApp.

Incredible results to date

In January 2021, Near Me got an amazing 135,654 user clicks across 16 categories on five top publisher sites. The graph below lists the most clicked on categories.

Near Me benefits

Users can:
  • Get local search results without typing their location.
  • Stay on the publisher’s platform and find a local product/service, without accessing another search engine.
  • Get category-specific results without typing a search term.
  • Access the most accurate, location-relevant weather forecast on mobile.
  • Find new local businesses to support, effortlessly.
Brands can:
  • Connect with local users who have actual purchase intent in specific categories.
  • Incentivise local users to visit nearby store locations by using real-time, distance-to-store messaging.
  • Boost exposure by including enriched listing data like operating hours and a star rating (exclusive feature for Location Bank clients).

Let our experts your customer base with a superb, far-reaching digital location presence proven to boost your bottom line.

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