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59 new emoji are coming to iOS, MacOS and Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday revealed 59 new emoji coming to iOS, MacOS and the Apple Watch in celebration of World Emoji Day.
Image credit: Apple.

The new emoji aim to provide further diversity, with even more options for people, food, animals and faces.

For the “holding hands” people emoji in particular, users will soon be able to choose from 75 combinations of skin colour and gender.

“Following Apple’s proposal to the Unicode Consortium last year to introduce more disability-themed emoji, a new guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm and a prosthetic leg will be available in the emoji keyboard,” the company also noted.

#FairnessFirst: Welcome the most diverse emoji set yet

Call them emojis or emoticons, you're sure to see even more of those colourful little symbols in all forms of digital communication, with the Unicode Consortium confirming featuring we'll have at least 230 new emojis to choose from in 2019 when different skin tones and genders are included...

By Leigh Andrews 18 Feb 2019

Apple’s food emoji will also expand to include garlic, waffles and butter while a sloth, skunk and flamingo will join the animals.

A yawn face, saree and and one piece swimsuit will be added too.

The new emojis are set to arrive on Apple platforms later this year.
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