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RIP Paul Wilkins

Paul Wilkins, former CEO of Mediacom and MediaCompete, has passed away.
Paul Wilkins
A year ago, retired media channel consultant, Paul Wilkins confirmed the sad news that Gordon Patterson had passed away.

He commented at the time: "Despite being a competitor, he was always a good friend - in fact, a great friend."

Now, Wilkins himself has passed away following a battle with cancer.

Ann Nurock, former CEO of Grey SA shares:
Paul and I were business partners for many years, but more importantly, great friends. While we lost touch over the past few years, I will always remember him as a larger than life, amazing human being who will be missed but never forgotten.
Trevor Ormerod, GM group sales and marketing at Times Media until last year, comments from overseas:
Paul was a long-term friend and mentor. We spent many hours discussing not just media, but also life and took lots of client trips overseas together. Paul was full of life, fun, passion; a true media man who will be sorely missed and never forgotten. RIP my friend. SA media has lost a true doyen.
Britta Reid, independent media consultant and former MD of MediaCom SA adds:
Paul had a prodigious appetite for life and work. He was renowned as a wily, yet likeable negotiator, and an astute business strategist. He had a talent for spotting opportunities, and built MediaCom into a formidable media agency. He was a true maverick. As much as he was a large and charismatic industry figure, he was also someone who cared deeply about the people who worked with him. He always gave his people opportunities to grow and take responsibility, and did his best to help them through any personal and private difficulties. Many of us in the industry, who worked directly for him, or more indirectly with him, will remember him with great fondness. Doubtless each of us will treasure our own unique “Paul” moment.
Peter Langschmidt sent in the following, on behalf of the PRC:
The PRC are deeply saddened at the passing of Paul Wilkins. On behalf of all our member publishers, the Rescom and all staff and consultants, our thoughts are with Kate, Jorja and Niall. In my entire career in advertising, I can honestly say that I had the most fun in the years that Paul and I worked together. He had a wicked sense of humour, was always in a good mood and loved to chat about anything and everything. As any media owner will testify, he was also the most accomplished rate negotiator in the industry. Hamba Khale, old mate.
Ross Sergeant, managing director at Limelight Consulting sent through the following:
Dear Paulie. Thank you for everything. For showing me so many things I try to (not always successfully) live up to every day because of you: how to find light in a serious situation without loosing focus on what's important, how to negotiate hard with partners but still enjoy a beer after like best friends, to operate with absolute integrity at all times in an industry full of quid-pro-quo freebies, where to seek help when a business decision hasn't gone quite how you hoped ("I think we need some help on this one"), to be humble no matter whose company you keep, to not take rubbish from anyone however important they feel they might be, for being my work dad in JHB when my own was far away in Cape Town, for inspiring me to do what you do in this little industry of ours (hopefully even a smidgen as well as you did it ) every day. RIP my friend and mentor. Sending love and hugs to Kate Wilkins, Jorja Buckham and Niall. Your husband and dad was admired and loved by a whole industry and will always be remembered with bundles of love.
Ken Varejes, Group CEO of Nfinity says:
Paulie was an absolute legend in the ad industry – his humour and ability to engage with all who entered the industry was exceptional – always willing to chat to everyone and add value to their day. "Hello my son” is how he greeted me whenever I met him and I will miss his levity and broad smile. If only the ad industry was made up of more of the like of Paulie we would all be that much richer. Paulie taught us all so much about the industry and life in general and no one left his offices not feeling a bit better about their day. Paulie you may be gone but you will always be in our hearts. Go well my friend and know that all of us will be there for Kate, Niall and Jorga.

Bizcommunity sends our condolences to Wilkins' wife Kate, children Niall and Jorja, family and friends. Please share your comments and tributes below.
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The name Paul Wilkins will forever be synonymous with media innovation and wisdom. For me his name is synonymous with Kate Wilkins because they were such a formidable team. I will always remember them at dog shows with their Irish Wolfhounds. My heart goes out to Katie, their children, friends and family. RIP Paul. You will always be remembered and respected.
Lynn Mortimer
'' I worked as a suit with Paul at the old VZ in President Street in downtown Johannesburg. Paul was a tough, sharp, knowledgeable and caring Media Head who had the respect of the industry and clients alike. He certainly kept us suits on our toes when it came to media briefings.Sadly the industry has lost another icon. You will be sorely missed Paul for what you brought to our business over a good many years. My heartfelt condolences to your family. RIP.''
Peter Rolland
I am so saddened at the passing of Paul, while working at Mediacompete, Paul was by far, till this day, the best CEO I have ever worked for. He really cared about all his employees and me, he called me his other daughter. So sad :(
The most amazing CEO (Mediacompete) - Lerato Malao
A swirl of flamboyance, lashings of charm, a formidable force. Indelibly remembered.
Raleen Bagg
RIP Paul.
Shobana nandcoomar
Truely sad news. The last time I saw Paul and Kate was at Gordon's funeral. At least I did see him still well and his own self. I will remember his contributions at MDC level and the AMASA training weekends, the jokes and laughs, the stupidity and the professionalism. He was a good guy. We shared some clients and I must say he was an excellent competitor too. My thoughts are with Kate, Jorja and Niall. Paul: enjoy the piece. Regards Elana
Elana de Swardt
I never met Paul, but reading these eulogizes, remind me of how important it is to make your mark in this life. My heartfelt condolences, to those who have lost a friend, a family member and a mentor in Paul.
Pumzile Mlungwana
A sad day. Paul had so much generosity of spirit – a true mentor. Grateful to have worked with him, albeit in the 80s, but I have fond memories of his sense of humour and his ability to nurture talent.
Hedi Lampert Kemper - Editor Outlook Magazine and Head of Communications Greeff Properties
"hello son" I'll miss you like so many of us in the industry and true leader RIP Paulie..
Marcus Stephens
A wonderful guy to work with - patient, a listener, a thinker. Fast on his feet, got along with everyone. A character. Rest in peace - we lose yet another star.
Ray Asiroglu
Talking to Paul was always an adventure that could fly from a negotiation to a new business idea, in moments, always with no-holds-barred honesty and his own brand of charm. You made me think, you made me laugh. A true original. My thoughts are with you, Katie & family
Mike Freedman
Paul and I shared many battles to win business for MediaCom and it was always his slanted input to our presentations which helped us win many pieces of business. He was an inspiration to all our staff, and the best remembrance which is recordedable is when our "boss" from Germany came over and spent some time with us, He left saying that MediaCom had the most kisses per hour than any other Mediacom company round the world! A tribute to the enthusiasm which Paul generated.
Rodney Chalmers. Long-time media man in Paul's empire.
Words cannot fully express what the heart feels. As my work husband for a few years and a close confidante, advisor and honest friend, Paulie was and remains the best darn negotiator and servant leader I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside and knowing. We recently spent an afternoon together with his co-pilot and amazing friend Katie and what a special time laughing and reminiscing. He looked exceptionally well and as sharp as ever...Condolences dear Katie, Niall and Jorja. Right now Paulie is loving the comments and crackin up with rollin commentary right now drink and monocle in hand. RIP and so much love right back.
Rogene Chiweshe
Paulie! What a man! What a legendary business and media strategist. As a visionary leader he saw the size of 'Africa' before most by extending Mediacom's footprint across the continent and paving the way for The African Barter Company and African Broadcast Network. As a lateral thinker with the guts to back his words, he opened up opportunities for so many of us to grow and believe in the unbelievable. You lived your life, ran your race and made your mark. Deepest condolences to Kate, Niall and Jorja.
Tatenda Chiweshe
One by one, all the best of our dear old friends are going. Death natural or not, who can say. This life, almost always seems too short. Paul was an incredible man, an amazingly talented man who was passionate about his work, his business and life. We had some enlightening encounters in our WPP days. We are all sad because of you. Damirifa due.
Ato Afful, Ato Afful Inc. Ghana
RIP Paulie great friend
Garth Bell CEO Colbrad
Kate if you read this I’d love to get back in touch. I’m so sorry that I should find you again this way. My love to you allSue Fair previous Godbold. You can pm me on Facebook