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SABC audit report... Media miffs Mokhobo

NEWSWATCH: The national broadcaster's CEO Lulama Mokhobo has slammed media reports that she says 'skew' what the auditor-general said regarding the SABC's financial issues, BD Live reports. Meanwhile, Cell C has been ordered to withdraw its '15c' ad, reports TechCentral.
SABC audit report... Media miffs Mokhobo

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  • BD Live: SABC CEO defends broadcaster's audit report... As usual, according to the CEO, the SABC is not as bad as the media paint it, though she did, as reported by BD Live, admit that the broadcaster's finances are "not up to standard".

    Would it be too much to ask that such a massive organisation, feeding as it largely does off taxpayers, would ensure that its financial management systems and financial reports are absolutely beyond reproach? Then not even the most critical of media would be able to "skew" its reports.

    However, at least one thing is nice... after a fashion... the CEO assures us that our TV licence fees, all R913m of them, have not disappeared in a bottomless pit. Well, for someone who has never watched any SABC channel, show or ... well ... anything ... that is such good news.

  • TechCentral: Cell C made to withdraw '15c' ad... It seems one (1) consumer complained that a billboard promoting the company's 15c/MB data offer was misleading so the Advertising Standards Authority has ordered Cell C to withdraw the ad.

    I'm not passing judgement or comment in any shape or form on the complaint in this case, but I must say it has always puzzled me that it takes just one complaint out of a sea of millions of consumers to see a company being forced to retract/adapt an advert that has obviously cost it a great deal of cash to have it produced in the first place.

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