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Brave previews new advertising model, rewarding users for watching online ads

#NEWSWATCH: Blockchain-based ad blocking web browser Brave is previewing a new advertising model (called Brave Ads) that rewards its users for watching "privacy-respecting" ads.

Brave is now allowing its users, using its developer version, to opt in to viewing ads and is letting them earn a digital token (called BAT) of 70% of the revenue share from the ads, with the remaining 30% going to the browser's developers. Later this year, Brave plans on extending this to ads that appear on the websites its users visit.

However, these external ads will only share 15% of the revenue to the user, with 70% going to the publishers and content creators hosting the ads and the remaining 15% going to Brave, as explained in PC Magazine.

The rollout of these tokens will only begin in a few weeks, but it is estimated that participating users will be able to earn around R800 to R900 this year, and around R3,000 in 2020.

Currently, these tokens cannot be converted into cash, but donations can be made to the users' preferred publishers and content creators. "The idea is for users to get the big revenue share and give back to their top sites and creators," said CEO Brendan Eich on Twitter.
With Brave Ads, we are reforming an online advertising system which has become invasive and unusable. Brave Ads remove intermediaries that exploit user data and thrive on surveillance, and instead offer a consent-based system.
Brave plans to allow the tokens to be used for premium content and services or to be withdrawn for personal use, so you should eventually be able to convert your earning to cash if you prefer.

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