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Free learning academy exploring world of ad-tech

In response to drastic shifts in the media landscape, Popimedia a social and digital media agency has established a free learning academy, Ad-Tech Academy, to service industry needs with monthly classes.

As a concept, ad-tech is still largely misunderstood. “We aim to demonstrate to marketers the opportunities social and digital media offer to their brands, and the role ad-tech plays in realising reach, targeting and extraordinary ROI,” says Popimedia CTO, Gil Sperling.

At the inaugural event, Sperling introduced attendees to global trends as well as Africa’s consumption of media. He explained Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising options, introduced programmatic and presented marketers with insight into Google, and how best to take advantage of the platform to create greater brand awareness.

“The online advertising environment can be confusing and we have often encountered barriers when entering marketing departments. We understood that these barriers were as a result of the complexity of the new media landscape and wanted to address that with the academy. We are both addressing the fundamentals, allowing attendees to gain an understanding of media channels and how they work, which will in turn allow them to gain the best results for their brands; and we will be going deeper – showing attendees how to optimise ad spend across digital platforms to gain rapid and significant ROI.”

Sperling stresses the critical role of insight, which results from online spend. “Everything today is technology and data driven. As marketers, we can be far smarter now, if we know how to best utilise the tech and data at our disposal.

“This data and technology allows us to optimise campaigns and achieve targeted performance for brands. With the results and insights, we can further deliver value to brands allowing them to develop a more profound interaction with their consumer base. We have learnt that you never slap consumers in the face with your brand and related content. Rather, answer their need and feed their interest. And once you have understood that content is consumed very differently across different channels, you can cater precisely for your audience and offer them value.”

The ad-tech industry is unique in the media world as it allows delivery of the right content, to the right person, in the right moment.

“The Ad-Tech Academy is about deconstructing the complexities of online ad spend to help marketers realise results. We are sharing what technology can achieve, how you understand and utilise the reams of data available to help them create relevant content. Relevant content translates into measurable, meaningful connections for brands,” concludes Sperling.

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