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Why students should vote in the 2024 Elections

With the 2024 General Elections approaching on 29 May 2024, student participation is more critical than ever. As of 21 May, only 2.3% of registered voters fall within the 18-19 age bracket, whereas a mere 15.9% are between the ages of 20 to 29. Needless to say, the call for students to vote in this year’s elections is crucial.
Why students should vote in the 2024 Elections

As the 2024 elections draw near, the spotlight turns to South Africa's youth, a demographic with the power to shape the nation's future. With over 31.2% of the population under the age of 35, students hold considerable influence in determining the direction of key societal issues.

One such critical domain is education, where students have historically catalysed change through their activism and advocacy. From the pivotal #FeesMustFall movement to ongoing debates about educational funding and accessibility, students have been at the forefront of reform efforts.

In this context, the upcoming elections offer a platform for students to assert their priorities and demand action on issues affecting their educational journey. Here, the team at FundiConnect explores how student participation in the elections can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Address youth unemployment

Youth unemployment remains a pressing issue, with the rate currently at 45.5%. Voting allows students to push for economic policies and job creation strategies that focus on youth employment, combating factors like structural unemployment and economic downturns.

Promote social justice and equality

Students often champion social justice causes, such as the #RhodesMustFall movement, advocating for equality and the removal of symbols of oppression. Voting enables students to support leaders committed to addressing racial inequality, gender-based violence, and economic disparities.

Influence climate change policies

As South Africa grapples with environmental challenges, voting empowers students to support political parties prioritising environmental sustainability and renewable energy. By backing such policies, students contribute to South Africa's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Strengthen democratic processes

Participation in the democratic process is essential for maintaining a healthy democracy. Voting ensures representation, accountability and attention to the needs of the youth. Despite their significant demographic share, youth voter turnout remains low, emphasising the urgency for increased engagement.

Make an informed voting decision

As the elections approach, students must be prepared to make informed voting decisions. Understanding the basics of the election, gathering information about political parties, identifying key issues and paying attention to debates and interviews are crucial steps. By ensuring readiness to vote, students can contribute meaningfully to shaping South Africa's future.

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