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#LunchtimeMarketing: Why developing a digital mindset is imperative today

Kevin Britz and Craig Page-Lee, hosts of Lunchtime Marketing and Leadership every Thursday at 12pm on ebizradio.com, discuss the reasons why developing a digital mindset is crucial today.
#LunchtimeMarketing: Why developing a digital mindset is imperative today

"Digital mindset", a term coined by Vivienne Banke in 2013, refers to the knowledge and experiences that each of us has gained in a rapidly digitising world. It's all about how our beliefs and thoughts are influenced by our experiences in this digital age.

Think of it as a way to approach and tackle the digital world. It's about being open-minded and adaptable to change and having the ability to succeed in a world that's increasingly data-driven and technology-focused.

In short, having a digital mindset means having a positive attitude and the right skills to confidently navigate the digital landscape.

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