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Flow Communications wins awards for AI CarSpa app

The CarSpa app won a silver award for best marketing automation campaign and three bronze awards for best use of AI in marketing by an agency, most innovative app developed by a corporate, and best low-budget campaign. Flow Communications developed the app to help the Joburg-based business reimagine its customer loyalty programme.
Flow Communications wins awards for AI CarSpa app

“It is a real thrill to have won four New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards for developing an application (app) that uses artificial intelligence (AI),” says Flow Communications chief technology officer Richard Frank.

Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, the app uses number plate recognition algorithms to detect a vehicle’s number plate automatically. This feature allows the app to send messages to individuals enrolled in a loyalty programme, rewarding them for their continued patronage.

In just four months since the programme’s launch, the loyalty programme has attracted over 250 customers who have received more than 600 loyalty messages via WhatsApp. The most loyal CarSpa customer has visited the business a staggering 39 times, with repeat visitors making up 32% of the business’s customers.

“AI, used creatively, can be an ideal tool for solving marketing challenges, especially for small businesses wanting to differentiate their offering in a crowded marketplace,” says Frank.

On their first visit to CarSpa, customers can join the loyalty programme by scanning a QR code with their smartphones. After filling out a short registration form, they can choose to join a free loyalty programme or a paid membership programme. A welcome message via WhatsApp then informs them of the benefits of the loyalty programme.

Importantly, even if customers opt not to join the loyalty programme, the AI system still records their visits. This data provides CarSpa with valuable analytics that can guide future business decisions, such as daily visitor numbers and vehicle make and model data. It also helps identify top customers.

“We believe that AI tools merged with human marketing insight is a killer combination. The automation has allowed CarSpa to engage with its customers at the best possible moment – when they are actually using the service. This has definitely encouraged customer loyalty. We’re keen to do more of this type of innovative merging of AI and human marketing insight,” says Frank.

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