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Novus Holdings reduces emissions with biomass steam plant

Renewable energy company, Sustainable Heating, launched its biomass steam plant late last month at the Paarl Media Cape print facility in Milnerton, Western Cape.
By using renewable energy in their print facilities, Novus Holdings, previously known as the Paarl Media Group, will witness a staggering amount of electricity and carbon emission savings.

Paul Gorremans, founder of Sustainable Heating (left), explaining the Biomass Steam Plant’s process to Alan Winde, minister of Economic Opportunities and Peter Metcalfe, Novus Holdings group executive: sales, as well as guests around the impressive new biomass steam plant at Novus Holdings in Milnerton that was launched at the end of 2015.
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Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde attended the grand opening of the biomass steam facility at Paarl Media Cape, the flagship plant of Paarl Media, known as the print division of Novus Holdings.

"At Novus Holdings, we do business the sustainable way and take into account energy costs. With constant electricity tariff increases and load shedding occurrences, the biomass boiler reduces production costs in the long run and creates a buffer against electricity inflation, while working towards creating a neutral carbon footprint in developing steam for our gravure press," says Peter Metcalfe, Novus Holdings Group Executive: Sales.

Third installation in SA

The steam plant is constructed, owned and managed by renewable energy company Sustainable Heating, their third installation in South Africa.

Paul Gorremans, founder of Sustainable Heating, mentions that there are numerous benefits of the newly constructed biomass steam plant, which operates on woodchips as opposed to fuel or paraffin. "Through the biomass facility, we will see an approximate 218,000 tons of carbon reduction over 15 years. The plant is 85-90% energy efficient, with fuel only being used to transport the woodchips."

The facility at Paarl Media Cape took only 17 weeks from inception to completion. "It is a team effort, at one point there were 120 workers per day on the construction site to complete the facility."

Long-term agreements

The company, who is funded by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Mergence, has long-term agreements with sawmills, pallet factories and manufacturers with wood offcuts. "We have a strong untreated wood supply and the efficiency of our machines keep the emissions at the lowest," says Gorremans. "The wood ash produced by the plant can also be easily reused to make bricks and is acceptable for composting."

Through this biomass steam plant, Sustainable Heating has created over 12 permanent jobs such as boiler artisans and operators, managers, general helpers, drivers and waste handlers. Each installation supports local entrepreneurs in various fields ranging from waste handling to engineering.

The facility is completely owned and managed by Sustainable Heating where they sell the steam output to Paarl Media Cape for their print manufacturing. All steam plants can be controlled remotely from a computer or laptop.



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