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Growing South Africa's largest influencer community one Humanz at a time

Humanz, a data-led influencer marketing platform, officially launched in South Africa less than a month ago and it now already claims to boast the largest independent content creator community in SA.

“We’re hugely grateful to South African content creators for the reception they’ve given us since our launch. Over 14,000 influencers have downloaded our app already to better understand their audience data and are active on it weekly. In just a few weeks, South Africa has become one of our most active communities both from an influencer and advertiser perspective,” says Pierre Cassuto, Global CMO and CEO for Africa.

Download the latest stats and benchmarks for Influencer Marketing in South Africa from Humanz here.

Whilst Humanz appreciates that the future of the industry lies in the hands of advertisers and social media users that embrace it, they believe it is their responsibility to curate a community where both parties are able to learn, communicate and collaborate. Offering what is widely considered to be one of the most robust end-to-end influencer data, relationship and campaign management platforms globally, they have now turned their sight on a string of new influencer-focused tools.

“We launched Humanz Connect, a mini social network for content creators, two weeks ago and it has already generated over 80,000 swipes and 2,400 new connections amongst content creators in SA alone. We also ran what is possibly the largest-ever influencer campaign in Africa just a few weeks ago, creating a lot of positive debate about microinfluencers and adding signifiant numbers to our community,” adds Brett Solomon, head of marketing and brand.

For all its incredible success, Humanz is still keenly aware of the numerous challenges it faces in proving the effectiveness of influencer marketing to advertisers while also keeping its community engaged.

“As a tech company focused on solving some of the cores issues faced by marketers in influencer marketing, we never meant to create an influencer community but it’s become a wonderful by-product of doing business in this space. Our technology offers advertisers one of the world’s most advanced solutions to avoid fraud, find the right creators, while also forecasting performance and tracking both short-term and long-term impact on sales. Opening it up to content creators too now has shown us that many previous players failed by forgetting that influencers are their customers too,” adds Cassuto.

He concludes: “As a tech start-up, we’re still a relatively small team and are humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and queries we’ve received from major advertisers and content creators. We read every email, social message, suggestion and request that we receive and are doing our best to respond to as many as we can. Thank you for your support and passion, we love it!”


Humanz is an international technology start-up devoted to making influencer marketing as accessible, reliable and trustworthy as other media channels through better data and technology. Its core product is an end-to-end system, geared towards effective influencer campaign planning, management and ROI tracking for online merchants, marketers and agencies.

The technology behind the platform is unique, based on two main sets of proprietary algorithms, providing the most advanced solution on the market for the largest problems faced when dealing with influencer marketing: accurate audience data, fraud detection and ROI tracking.

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