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You can now go to jail for sending these social media messages

#NEWSWATCH: The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill was officially passed last week by Parliament's Justice Committee.
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According to the Businesstech website, "while the majority of the Bill focuses on criminalising the theft and interference of data, it has also introduced new laws surrounding any ‘malicious’ electronic communication."

Your message could result in jail time of up to three years and/or a fine if:
  • It incites the causing of any damage to any property belonging to, or violence against, a person or a group of persons;
  • It intimidates, encourages or harasses a person to harm himself or herself or any other person;
  • It is inherently false in nature and it is aimed at causing mental, psychological, physical or economic harm to a specific person or a group of persons;
  • It is intimate in nature (aka nudity), and is distributed without the consent of the person involved.
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