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Call to social media content managers and strategists to participate in survey

Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx and Oresti Patricios of Ornico invite SA's social media specialists to contribute to the understanding of their industry.

As a social media specialist, content and community manager, you have your finger on the pulse of your brand’s presence in the social media space. Ornico and World Wide Worx invite you to share your knowledge, and gain valuable insights from other professionals in the industry.

Goldstuck and Patricios are asking social media consultants, community managers, strategists, agencies or managers working in- house for about 5-10 minutes of their time to complete the 2018 Social Brand Survey. The research study investigates trends and insights about how brands use social platforms.

The Social Brand Survey is an integral part of the SA Social Media Landscape 2018 that serves to deepen the understanding of social media use in SA. Every year, the report is used by agencies, brands, marketers and the media as the top reference for the country’s digital landscape.

By participating in this survey social media managers will help to grow industry knowledge and best practice about brands and social media. As thanks for their contribution to the survey, brands will receive a free month’s subscription to the Ornico Social Media platform which offers real-time social media monitoring and customised insights across social demographics, content, influencers, the key drivers of social conversations and more.

In addition, each respondent will:

* Receive a free executive summary of the 2018 Social Media Landscape
* Get R1000 off the purchase price of the complete 2018 Social Media Landscape
* Receive R1000 off the annual Social Media Landscape Briefing:As an extension of the research, brands are invited to sign up for a free month’s subscription to Continuon's influencer analysis platform (valued at R19,900). Continuon helps brands identify the most influential people in social media communities, and to understand the quality of social media communities, based on influence. Brands who participate in this influencer survey will enable Continuon to create an aggregated picture of the South African influencer landscape (without divulging any brand-specific information) for the SA Social Media Landscape. Brands wanting to take up this offer are urged to email or call +27 21 822 2244.

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