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Short and sharp social media campaign sees the Elvin brand soar

Easter 2016 saw Elvin launch its in-store "Share the Moment" campaign to drive trial and sales.
Boomtown provided online support to an in-store campaign whereby Elvin made use of point-of-sale items to communicate the campaign, as well as in-store promoters to engage with shoppers. “We created a new Facebook page for the Elvin brand and started posting relevant and engaging content to connect with existing and new Elvin followers,” says Lauren McNish, Business Group Head, Boomtown. In the content, the team demonstrated how the brand “Shares Moments” in a fun way prompting consumers to go in-store to purchase the product, then “Share their Moment” to stand a chance to win instant cash prizes.

And it worked, in a 47-day period during the promotion, great brand sentiment was achieved, Elvin reached over 30,400 people with over 200 product purchases and images taken of consumers’ Elvin moments. “We also achieved over 1,000 likes during this period, with the client receiving 11.8% engagement with their consumers,” adds Ferdi van Zyl, Elvin Marketing Manager.

“This was a fantastic cost-effective medium to drive consumers in-store to purchase one of our fruit nectar products being promoted during the campaign,” adds Van Zyl. “This was our first solid investment into social media; it proved to us how much more we need to invest in this space to develop our brand.”

Since the success of this campaign, the client has appointed Boomtown to handle three additional campaigns which will be rolled out over the next year.

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