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Finding the best SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for your business

As a business owner, you know that trust is key. To build trust with your customers, you need to ensure that your website is secure. One way to do this is by getting a SSL Certification.
Finding the best SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for your business

Not only does a SSL Certificate encrypt communication between your online business and your customers, but it also serves as validation. There are three types of SSL Certificates - Domain Validated (DV) SSL, Organization Validated (OV) SSL, and Extended Validated (EV) SSL. Each SSL offers distinct levels of validation from a third-party CA (Certificate Authority).

What is a DV SSL?

DV SSL Certificates are the most common type of certification, as they legitimise the domain name, thus making this validation ideal for small businesses or personal websites.

What is an OV SSL Certificate?

An OV SSL Certificate offers more validation than a DV SSL Certificate. OV Certificates are perfect for larger businesses that need to prove they are a trusted and reliable company.

In addition, an OV Certificate can help to increase your search engine ranking and give you a competitive edge.

What is an EV SSL Certificate?

An EV SSL Certificate offers the most validation of any of the other types of certificates. EV Certificates are perfect for eCommerce websites or businesses that handle private and sensitive information. The cost of an EV SSL Certificate is substantially higher and may vary depending on the provider.

It is important to note that the level of encryption for each SSL is the same, irrespective of the type you choose. If you need higher identity assurance, you will need to consider an OV or EV SSL. is a South African domain name and website hosting provider. Innovation, superior value-added business solutions and a dedication to quality and service set us aside from the competition.

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