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Go sea life at Cresta

As part of its two-year expansion and modernisation project, Cresta Shopping Centre will be launching South Africa's first and only mall-based aquarium early next year. Introducing over 30 species, shoppers will have the opportunity to "Imagine More" and enjoy the tranquility of life under the sea right in the middle of Gauteng.
The project, after thorough planning over the past two years, will kick off with the first stages of construction this month taking place in the centre of the Food and Entertainment Court. Cresta has partnered with Marine Consultants to ensure the project and construction is a success, as well as ensuring the safety and happiness of the ocean life being introduced.

Virginia Bester, general manager at Cresta Shopping Centre said, “As a centre, we pride ourselves in bringing innovative and all-encompassing shopping experiences to our shoppers and tenants. The ‘Life under the Sea’ Aquarium, launching in early 2019, gives us the opportunity to provide more entertainment and now edutainment, under one roof, and give shoppers a reason to 'imagine more' at Cresta Shopping Centre."
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