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Kevin Chandra eliminating passwords and democratising web development

New technological developments have ushered in new software and applications that make our lives easier. A trailblazing entrepreneur, Kevin Chandra, is making his mark by building products like Cotter and Typedream that revolutionised cybersecurity and the web development space. While Cotter authenticates users without the need of passwords, Typedream lets the average person build web applications without the need to code. Chandra's products have been used by millions of people around the world and are currently growing at a very rapid pace.
Kevin Chandra
Kevin Chandra
The average person has hundreds of accounts on the internet; however, the common practice is that people reuse their weak password. This has brought internet platforms to force their users to use unique and complicated passwords which are hard to remember. According to a study, twenty-one percent of users forget passwords after 2 weeks, and 25 percent forget one password at least once a day which shows how hard it is for users to get access to their online accounts.

The status quo of the internet is desperate for a new authentication method. With a growing mobile based internet users, new technologies such as one-time passwords enable users to log in without the need of passwords ever again. However, this method is very easy to exploit by scammers as it is tied to the user’s phone number or email account which are very susceptible to phishing attacks.

Kevin Chandra, co-founder of Cotter, was able to mitigate the risks associated with one-time passwords through Cotter’s passwordless authentication solution, which was recently acquired by Stytch, another passwordless startup aiming to end the hassle of password management while increasing security measures. Following the success of his first Y Combinator backed product, Chandra has now refocused his energy into tackling a bigger problem which is the future of web applications in the new era of the internet.

Typedream is a no-code website builder that works much like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, making it very intuitive for billions of people who are trained to use similar software. Anyone would be able to design a website within 10 minutes without prior coding knowledge or design skills. Moreover, Typedream ushers in a new generation of website designing that caters to the needs of the new generation of the internet – Web3. Typedream enables new use cases such as NFT minting pages, token-gated pages, and integrating assets such as images, audio, and videos.

This multi-talented tech-entrepreneur from Indonesia has been featured in ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ for his accomplishments through both of his products Cotter and Typedream as it was used by millions of people in the world. As Chandra has made a significant impact on the world wide web by creating novel technologies to eliminate passwords and democratise website development, he will continue to do so for future generations to come.

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