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#Newsmaker: Clive McMurray recognised for outstanding event management

Earlier this month, FCB Durban MD Clive McMurray was awarded the Outstanding Event Management Award at the GLS Excellence Awards in Chicago, where he was recognised for his exceptional organisation of the annual Global Leadership Summit (GLS) at Kloof Harvest Church since 2012.
This award is all about Kloof Harvest Church, the amazing leaders that I have had the privilege to work with and, indeed, the incredible volunteers that give up their time and talent to serve our guests seamlessly and with excellence. – McMurray
The Summit teaches best practices in leadership while integrating Christian values for principle-based decision-making. Established in Willow Creek, Chicago in 1994, the GLS has expanded into 130 countries, including South Africa since 2005. The Summit is staged and filmed in Chicago in August every year and broadcast to various venues the following months.

McMurray was nominated for his detail-oriented approach, support of volunteer recruitment and effective communications’ skills. “He is the best event manager I am privileged to work with,” said Janine Couchman, event director of the Willow Creek Association South Africa, in her motivation for McMurray. “He is a strong team-builder and has built great teams for the various areas of operation in the GLS. Clive models God-honouring excellence to his team and the volunteers, and firmly believes that effective teams are critical in making the GLS in particular and organisations in general successful.”

Here, he shares some of the most noteworthy lessons he’s learnt in leadership at GLS over the years and how these have equipped him to better perform his role in heading up an advertising agency and in other areas of leadership…

BizcommunityIn the release, you mentioned that “this country, organisations and, indeed, people are in desperate need of leadership that adds value and delivers a better future for all.” Elaborate on why you believe there is demand for an event such as this in the South African context?

As more and more people get to know about the GLS and the quality content around the kind of leadership that is being presented, so the demand to attend has grown.
Leadership in this country and worldwide is invariably seen as a position. The leadership that is taught at the GLS is all about serving people in one’s organisation. It’s all about influence and indeed the character behind that influence. It’s all about adding value to people's lives, rallying them to a better future. That’s what our country and our people need. We need to move leadership from being a noun to being a verb! It’s a doing thing!
BizcommunityWho should attend and why is it important that they do?

Anyone who is serious about growing and learning from some of the best leaders in the world. You are guaranteed to learn stuff you've never encountered before and you will leave the Summit better than when you arrived, provided you are prepared to humble yourself to take on the content and action it within your sphere of influence.

BizcommunityWhat are some of the most noteworthy lessons you’ve learnt in leadership at GLS over the years?

A leader’s key role is to create a working environment that allows people to express their talents and grow. Key to this (to quote Jim Collins) is to get the right people on the bus and to put them into the right seats. Another key thing, make the ride a lot of fun!

BizcommunityHow has GLS equipped you to better perform your role as MD of FCB Durban and in other areas of leadership?

The first thing is to know that FCB Durban is not about me; it’s about the incredible people that work here; it’s about creating a safe, working environment where people can express themselves, grow and develop their God-given talents while having fun at the same time.

As a team, we also understand that we come to work, not to work but to be excellent at our profession, and that is to help our clients grow their businesses/brands. Again, it is not about us; it's about our clients!

BizcommunityWhat are you most looking forward to regarding this year’s Summit and going forward?

To continue in my journey of learning, growing and serving the people that I have the privilege to lead and engage with. I also want to be a person who is still making notes at 80 years of age!

BizcommunityWhat is your hope or vision for leadership in South Africa?

That people come to realise and understand that leadership really matters, and that it benefits everyone if the heart of leadership is all about serving, growing people and indeed being an example for others to follow.

Capacity at Kloof Harvest has increased from 400 to 500 delegates with the 2018 viewing set for Friday, 19 and Saturday, 20 October. Those who’ve regularly attended the Summit at Kloof Harvest commented on dramatically improved teamwork, leadership courage and overall effectiveness at their own organisations as a direct result of learnings from GLS. This year’s event at Kloof Harvest is sold out, so make sure to diarise next year’s and follow #GLS18 to stay in the loop!

For more info, visit WillowCreekSA.co.za; KloofHarvest.co.za; FCBDurban.co.za and/or follow McMurray on LinkedIn.
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