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Local talent beats international podcasts

Noobology - South Africa's fastest-growing video game podcast - gets #1 spot on Apple's iTunes Chart within a week of launch.
Local talent beats international podcasts

Local talent has recently taken the podcasting world by storm and our boys are off to a flying start. The name is Noobology and video games are, well excuse my pun for a second, the game. Officially launching on the 23 July, it took the team at Noobology less than 48 hours, besting more than 250 podcasts, to reach the much coveted #1 spot on the iTunes SA chart. Boasting a national and international listenership, Noobology is the fastest-growing video gaming podcast to achieve this milestone in South Africa.

Overnight success stories often take years in the making and Noobology is no different. Hosted by Maveshan Chetty (Mav) and Ashael Leschem (Ash), who borrowed a page from Sir Richard Branson's process on naming the Virgin brand, Noobology was created. Starting off as an idea by co-creator Mav in early 2019, the podcast has become an instant fan-favourite that hit the ground running, due to the hard-work and creative influence of the humble duo.

Local talent beats international podcasts

The pair became friends at university due to their fervent passion for gaming and with their respective backgrounds in multimedia, production and business, starting a podcast together was a no-brainer. Ash describes the team at Noobology as a bunch of gamers who are privileged enough to have their love for video games recognised and enjoyed on a global stage.

With a variety of topics that are equal parts relevant and insightful, the podcast deep dives into all things gaming, featuring a variety of conversation on the issues facing the South African gaming community as a whole, as well as special guests, many of whom are proudly South African and have reached global acclaim in their respective fields. Guests often shed light on their lesser-known careers, memorable experiences at global e-sports events and practical advice for anyone who has entertained the idea of getting into the field.

The quality of the content is unmistakable and the boys are proving that local really is lekker. In the future, Noobology seeks to serve a market that is currently in its infancy by providing a platform of discourse that bridges the gap between gamers and developers, unifying the voice of the South African gamer.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, someone who enjoys booting up a game after a long day at work, a person who is curious and wants to learn more about the global medium of entertainment that is a $100bn industry or someone who enjoys entertaining conversation, the Noobology podcast is definitely worth your time. Noobology is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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