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Collaborating on purpose

Marketing is no longer only about talking to consumers, it is about being part of the conversation. Content partnerships allow organisations to be seen at the centre of new networks and narratives.
Collaborating on purpose

From marketing monologues to marketing dialogues

In the aftershocks of recent events such as Covid-19 and other burning issues, in order to stay relevant, many companies and organisations are revisiting purpose-led objectives to reset to their ‘true north’ positions.

Recent collaborations between brands and publishers on bespoke programming, aligning brand purpose with important narratives, allow companies and organisations to demonstrate influence, leadership and commitment via new content partnership ventures. Here’s how.

Business-to-business content partnerships

Facebook Marketing Masterminds: In Bizcommunity’s recent content collaboration with Facebook, the social media giant approached us to help promote business excellence case studies of companies using their platforms. The Facebook Marketing Masterminds series appears as interviews with brand and media managers of leading companies, providing background and context around how social media and resulting data are playing a role in successful advertising campaigns.

ACA - Leading through a crisis: As Covid cataclysms hit South Africa, this year, many organisations lived up to promises of representing the interests of their sectors. A great example is the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), showing what it means to lead from the front, reaching out in solidarity to industry media stakeholders by partnering in conversations around future-proofing SA’s advertising, marketing and media sector.

At the centre of new narratives

The resulting #ACACaresCovid19 digital content collaboration between Bizcommunity and the ACA has embraced the co-branded content model, to proactively position the ACA at the centre of the industry’s most relevant ‘future proofing’ narratives.

The ‘new better normal’

The weekly series has so far featured over 20 of SA’s senior marketers and marketeers, answering leading questions on opportunities in the marketing communications value chain. The structured content allowed participants to give their views on important industry issues, such as leadership, transformation, diversity, representation and the sharing economy.

High impact relevance and 360° multi-media delivery

With high impact relevance and 360° multi-media delivery, the Biz ACA series is a benchmark in digital, business-to-business content collaborations.

Getting to the heart of what matters

Bizcommunity CCO Terry Levin says content delivery is accelerating and changing. Strategically aligning company content with brand purpose, allows organisations to be seen to be ‘reading the room’, ensuring industry issues are given due exposure and driving important narratives.

Biz Content Marketing Partnerships provide the platforms to put your company, brand or organisation at the centre of conversations, bringing the industry’s leaders out from corner offices to the frontpage as influencers.

Bizcommunity’s bespoke Content Partnerships allow partners to own high-value content for access via front page and multi-media touchpoints. We discuss your objectives at length in advance in order to schedule, produce and publish to your specifications and budgets. Packages include Zoom interviews and Youtube video hosted by Rutendo Nyamuda or Biz portal editors; audio podcasts on Bizcommunity’s Biztakeouts channel, via progressive web apps, which may be embedded on your own platforms, Spotify and Apple iTunes. Full editorial transcripts and social media formats are also provided. Subject matter may be developed to your specific brief and can include once-off or series interviews across topics relevant to 19 industries in Africa. Talk to us about aligning your current marketing strategy with strategic content and formats that get to the heart of what matters moc.ytinummoczib@selas
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