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DMMA supports the growth of the SA digital publishing landscape

Earlier this year, the DMMA (Digital Media and Marketing Association) announced its strategy to engage the nation's digital community, and to accelerate the growth of the digital landscape within South Africa. Following the announcement of these plans, the DMMA has further reinforced its agenda through a strategic partnership with the PDMSA (Print and Digital Media South Africa).

The PDMSA, formerly known as the PMSA (Print Media South Africa) last week announced that it had changed its name to illustrate that it was broadening its list of publishers to include the digital platforms. Remarked Ingrid Louw, CEO of PDMSA: "We have taken a conscious decision to rally around written journalism on whatever platform it is carried. We realise that print and digital co-exist and that journalism values remain the same on both platforms. Given the new inclusion of digital media into our portfolio, we appreciate the DMMA's collaboration - specifically within the digital publishing space."

After having identified synergies between the two organisations, the DMMA and PDMSA are collaborating on several key areas of mutual interest. Jarred Cinman, Deputy Chairman of the DMMA, says: "The fact that the former PMSA has changed its name and included digital into its portfolio of publishers is enormously encouraging for us, as it supports one of our key objectives- the acknowledgment of digital as a credible media platform. As the main digital regulating body in South Africa, the DMMA fully intends to offer its support and expertise where required."

The DMMA is an independent, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry within South Africa. In addition to representing digital media, the DMMA also represents the complete digital landscape across all sectors including the marketing community, government and the public, and additionally, acts as the channel through which international bodies can enter the South African digital market. The DMMA conducts extensive research, including monitoring social media trends, of which the findings are made available to members. In terms of digital education and advancement, the DMMA Knowledge Network actively encourages its member companies to implement internship programmes to promote the growth of a new generation within the digital space, and offers mentorship opportunities to learners.

The DMMA also provides comprehensive online measurement data to members, enabling media and marketing planners to operate more efficiently. In South Africa, the DMMA is the sole source of digital measurement data which is subsequently fed into Telmar, the global media and marketing research system.

"For the digital industry to thrive, the DMMA has recognised that it needs to champion the development by offering its support and guidance to organisations and companies that positively impact the growth of our digital community," concludes Cinman.

IAB South Africa
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) South Africa is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital media and marketing industry within South Africa.
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