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Takealot Gamealot hits 79,000 plays in just 13 days - powered by Techsys Digital

Takealot has tons of devoted fans, who flock to the platform for all their online shopping needs. As the brand headed into the festive season, they wanted to find a way to reward their fans in a fun, engaging way. Everyone loves simple arcade style games, so Takealot approached Techsys Digital - an agency known for tech innovation - to come up with a gamification concept that would get online shoppers buzzing.

Cape Town-based Techsys built a game in which players had to line up three or more products to score points. When players reached the game-over screen, they could choose to checkout or keep playing. By checking out, players would find out what they’d won, with exciting prizes ranging from products, to vouchers, plus the chance to win the grand prize of a R20,000 Takealot Gift Voucher.

The results speak for themselves. Although the game was live for only 13 days, it was played almost 75,000 times! The average player spent just over seven minutes playing the game, which highlights how much Takealot’s fans loved Gamealot and the opportunities it gave them to be rewarded.

Takealot Gamealot benefited the brand by driving traffic to their site, since this is where fans could get their fix of the moreish game, as well as spend their prize vouchers doing their favourite thing: online shopping. By treating consumers to a fun, free gaming experience as well as the chance to win, Takealot Gamealot helped foster brand affinity and top of mind awareness.

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