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ASA launches levy system

In the second phase of rescuing the self-regulation of advertising in South Africa, the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has introduced a voluntary levy system on advertising. The ASA explains the model as follows:
This model is based on best international practice.
This model is based on best international practice.

“We are excited about the early enthusiasm and uptake for this system,” says Gail Schimmel, acting CEO of the ASA. “The model is based on best international practice and is the only way that we can guarantee the future of self-regulation in South Africa.”

The ASA is also willing to talk to larger marketers about direct funding contributions. “Some marketers, with an enormous ad spend and a very low amount of ASA complaints wish to help us, but feel the 0,1% model is not suited to them. We are speaking directly to those marketers to find a solution that is equitable to all,” explains Schimmel.

Marketers are encouraged to contact Schimmel on az.gro.asasa@liag.

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