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South African Podcasters Guild launched to usher in a new era for podcasting in the country

A group of South African podcasters has come together to create an organisation to elevate podcasting in the country.

United by their passion for creating exceptional content, these podcasting professionals have launched the South African Podcasters Guild (SAPG).

The SAPG is a collective of dedicated podcasters who believe it’s time for the industry to mature and take its rightful place alongside other media channels.

Comprising both seasoned professionals and aspiring talents, the guild aims to elevate the podcastingscene in South Africa from hobbyists to professionals and empower networks and to make a significant impact on the country’s media landscape.

The founders are:

  • Paulo Dias – African Podcast and Voiceover Award (APVA) winner for Best Music Podcast and Best Sports Podcast.
  • Nicole Engelbrecht – Host of True Crime SA.
  • Terence Mentor – The Afro Daddy and Host of Have you asked your Dad and Threes a crowd APVA nominee in the Lifestyle and Entertainment category.
  • Sean Loots – Producer of The Expansive with John Sanei and Eric Kruger and Host of Some Assembly Required and Have you asked your Dad.
  • Spike Ballantine – Former Head of Production for Cliff Central and producer of multiple award winning branded podcasts.
  • Solid Gold Studios – producer of over 350 podcast projects.
  • Jonathan Warncke – Producer of the SA Ex-Pats Podcast and Off the Grid – A Practical Guide to load shedding.


The mission of the guild is to foster a vibrant and thriving podcasting community in South Africa. With a vision to build the largest, most engaged podcasting community in the country, the guild is dedicated to enhancing the quality of South African podcasts, making podcasting more accessible to creators and listeners, increasing visibility for

South African podcasts, and fostering trust by connecting podcasting industries with other sectors for mutual benefit.

Core values

At the heart of the SAPG are its core values:

  • Listening: We value the opinions and ideas of every member.
  • Authenticity: We believe in genuine, honest storytelling.
  • Collaboration: We support and help one another to succeed.

First-year goals

In its inaugural year, the SAPG is focused on several key initiatives:

  • Online Community Platform: The guild is building an online community platform, including WhatsApp Communities, to facilitate interaction and collaboration among members.
  • Major Annual Events: The guild will host two major events annually – the Guild Festival and the Guild Awards – to celebrate outstanding podcasting achievements in South Africa.
  • Membership Drive: SAPG aims to attract 1000 members in its first year, fostering a diverse and inclusive community of podcasting enthusiasts.
  • Standardised Metrics and Data: The Guild is developing a standardised set of metrics and data to enable media agencies, clients, and sponsors to seamlessly collaborate with SAPG-approved podcasts, ensuring transparency and reliability in business transactions.

All podcasters, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders are invited to join.

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