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Liberty announces brand refresh

The Liberty Group has announced its brand refresh and new payoff line, 'In it with you', which narrates Liberty's commitment to South African citizens to be a true life partner as well as its renewed intent to put customers at the heart of the business.

Thabang Ramogase, Liberty's chief marketing officer says the brand refresh doesn’t mean that Liberty is forgetting about its previous promises. “We are renewing our commitment to supporting initiatives that improve literacy at a primary and secondary school level. Liberty has always been passionate about improving literacy, from reading and writing to financial literacy,” he says.

A bank of audio-visual content, including a television advert to signal this intent to the market launched on 5 September, will run across various media platforms for a few weeks. Ramogase says it's a “humanifesto” to focus more on connecting with its clients and their communities.

"Being ‘in it with you’, means leaning into human conversation and expressing interest. We want clients to know there’s a holistic interest, not just about your finances. The Liberty financial adviser is the centre of this conversation, being the human manifestation of Liberty, to learn what you’re like as a human being and all of your idiosyncrasies - and this is evident in the execution of the ad.

“We always remind our clients that they're not navigating these unchartered territories alone and we are here for them at the best of times and at what seems to be the worst of times. Let us continue to serve and financially protect the families out there, because what we do is and will always matter,” concludes Ramogase.
So a shiny new payoff line, a "bank of audio-visual content" and some vague buzzword bingo viz initiatives. Not much in the way of details around actual product innovation or service improvement. Also: given how things are economically right now, is spending a bomb on a rebrand really that appropriate?
Posted on 17 Sep 2020 15:26
Colin Farris
We've paid our premiums for 15 years and when we needed them, we found Liberty were most certainly NOT "in it with us". It is a nice statement of intent, but it might be better suited to a different company. It rings very hollow for me.
Posted on 21 Sep 2020 12:14



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