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How long will the ANC continue fooling South Africans ?

How long will the ANC continue fooling South Africans ?

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    FlySafair, Tripco partner to launch all-in-one travel package solutions

    FlySafair has partnered with local travel technology company Tripco to launch FlySafair Holidays, its own travel package holiday solution. Along with flights, passengers will now be able to book a stay from a selection of handpicked places around South Africa.
    FlySafair, Tripco partner to launch all-in-one travel package solutions
    ©belchonock via 123RF

    “As our whole industry works together toward recovery, we wanted to expand our offering to customers giving them the option to book all the elements of a local getaway in one place,” says Kirby Gordon, chief marketing officer at FlySafair.

    "Our goal has always been to open the skies to more South Africans by offering flights at great value for money. With this new venture, we hope to take this one step further and provide travellers with access to more budget-friendly package options."

    Curating trips, experiences

    Through FlySafair Holidays, passengers can book their FlySafair flights as well as accommodation at a wide array of BnBs, guest houses, hotels and lodges throughout South Africa, facilitated by Tripco who are best known for their primary booking platform, LekkeSlaap.

    While there are existing package holiday offerings from competitors, both FlySafair and Tripco hope their partnership will complement the market with competitive pricing and innovative tech. "We couldn’t have picked a better partner to help us bring this idea to life than Tripco. They have a deep understanding of destinations and travel in South Africa, while also having extensive experience in the tech space," says Gordon.

    "We’re always looking for new ways to create unforgettable travel experiences through technology,” says Jonathan Womersley, executive director at Tripco.

    "Our products give customers the freedom to curate their own trips, while still offering excellent customer service and support every step of the way. While we are at the leading edge of technology, we recognise the value of human interaction. That’s why our unique combination of advanced travel technology and customer service is what sets us apart in this industry."

    Despite the impact Covid-19 has had on the local travel industry, both companies believe South Africans are still hungry to travel.

    Driving new technologies

    "We saw partnering with FlySafair as the perfect opportunity to create new travel technologies and reach new markets. The lockdown created a unique opportunity for local brands to target customers who would normally travel internationally, but have been unable to do so for a long time,” says Womersley. "FlySafair Holidays will combine the luxury feel of international travel with the best travel opportunities the local market has to offer."

    "While we see this venture as an opportunity to diversify our income stream in a small way, it’s also a step towards more collaboration in the travel industry to aid its recovery," says Gordon.

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