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#BizTrends2022: Joining the dots in Africa - where does employer branding fit in?

2020 and 2021 have seen a major shift towards trust in the employer branding sector. This has become such an important factor in a world where we feel safer meeting behind screens. And with this renewed focus on safety and peace of mind, many people have revaluated their circumstances and chosen to change employers when they don't feel valued or appreciated. People are more readily seeking trust within the organisations they work for, rather than purely focusing on income. This has been more apparent beyond our borders and in the rest of Africa as well.
Pabi Mogosetsi, Universum Global’s Country Manager for South Africa
Pabi Mogosetsi, Universum Global’s Country Manager for South Africa

EVP overhaul

There are many happy stories of companies that made the effort to understand what their employees need to better manage their experience. We have worked with various companies the world over to assist them in strengthening their EVP (employee value proposition) efforts and to align with their values and employee experience.

Employers are recognising that it is crucial to hear what their employees need, and to build better spaces for current and incoming talent. The pandemic has shifted our perception of what makes an ideal workspace. Companies that have been flexible and embraced the changes have flourished; whereas others, who have been less inclined to move with the times, have been caught wanting at best or crippled at worst.

Employee wellness alignment

Surveys have shown that the biggest shifts of 2020 and 2021 have come in terms of EVPs aligning with employee wellness – both physical and mental – and employee experience. Employers need to be mindful of the impact of being screen bound and working in isolation. Remote working has become the new normal and shifted the work/life balance dynamic. Mental health has become something that successful employers genuinely care about, seeking ways to ensure that their employees receive the support that they need while committing to their daily work responsibilities.

In uncertain times, employees have been concerned about their futures. Employers realise that job security plays a big part in one’s ability to be resilient and that their employees need them to be transparent and communicative. By this token, employer branding remains crucial. Companies want to understand how to build formidable teams while balancing the needs of their employees.

Another trending theme is the issue of diversity and inclusion and how employees have focused on improving this within their companies. In South Africa and Africa in general, more companies are actively trying to close both the gender and racial gap. An increasing number of employers are trying to understand who makes up their workplaces and what they bring to the table to strengthen strategies.

Gig economy

Business has also seen an increase in ‘gig’ or freelance work, which has been a progressive way of filling skills gaps. South Africa has one of the lowest percentages in the gig market and it is refreshing to see that this is growing. This also alleviates unemployment as gig workers can be successful in their own right, adding to the economy from international and national sources.

Change has been inevitable. But in the employer branding sector, it has not been a negative thing. Indeed, the pandemic has necessitated an overhaul in terms of how companies treat their staff overall. We look forward to more exciting developments to come.

About Pabi Mogosetsi

Pabi is the founder of EB Koach which offers employer/employee branding services designed to reshape, rebuild, and restrengthen your workplace culture, putting your people first while achieving your organisational goals. Pabi believes that an organisation should function as a living organism and should grow and evolve continuously, and strong employer branding is crucial in driving this evolution.
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