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    Primedia Outdoor extends advertisers reach with 3 new roadside LED billboards

    With an astonishing 1,230m2 of roadside digital out-of-home (DOOH) in South Africa already, Primedia Outdoor is elated to unveil three new roadside LED billboards across Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, contributing to their highly effective DOOH networks, offering advertisers increased audience reach.

    Primedia Outdoor was first to market with their 4.5 x 18.0-metre Freeway Digital Network offering in 2014 and have now added a ninth, large format, digital billboard, strategically located along the N1 Ben Schoeman freeway in Gauteng. This high-definition LED captures an audience travelling North from Joburg to Pretoria with an impressive audience impression delivery of 9,828,682 over a typical four-week period (ROAD 17/18/19). The newly extended Freeway Digital Network, measuring a total of 729 square meters across major highways in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, is the biggest freeway LED holding in South Africa.

    Primedia Outdoor extends advertisers reach with 3 new roadside LED billboards

    Furthermore, the Urban Digital Network, located on main arterials in the central hubs of Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, KZN, and East London, now offers brand exposure across 466 square meters of digital display with the addition of two new urban LED billboards. The network sees the expansion into KwaZulu-Natal with a breath-taking new 3.0 x 6.0-meter LED, located in Stanford Hill Durban Central and delivering on remarkable audience impressions of 1,310,421 over a typical four-week period (ROAD 17/18/19). As well as a new LED in Gauteng, measuring at 4.0 x 8.0-meters that is strategically placed in the heart of Sandton – the richest square mile in Africa, and targets consumers travelling along Grayston towards Sandton Drive from Rivonia Drive delivering audience impressions of 857,632 over a typical four-week period (ROAD 17/18/19).

    Primedia Outdoor extends advertisers reach with 3 new roadside LED billboards

    “We are ecstatic to add three more LEDs to our existing network, as Primedia Outdoor prides itself as the leader in digital advertising solutions, offering advertisers the opportunity of audience attention at high dwell areas; scaled reach and effective brand exposure in the right locations,” says Peter Lindstrom, sales executive.

    The Freeway and Urban Digital Networks are fully equipped with a wide range of dynamic capabilities that allow for online and offline collaboration, enhanced multichannel campaigns as well as being programmatically available to advertisers.

    About Primedia Outdoor

    Primedia Outdoor is the premier provider of out of home media solutions within Sub Saharan Africa. A Level 1 BBEEE contributor, Primedia Outdoor is currently the largest wholly South-African-owned outdoor advertising media specialist offering national outdoor exposure throughout South Africa and high reach in key markets in rest of Africa. Primedia Outdoor offers flexible coverage of the entire LSM/SEM spectrum, targeting cosmopolitan consumers in major urban areas through to those living in rural communities.

    Primedia Outdoor delivers exposure across a mix of media opportunities and audience environments, including high-end digital billboards, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture, as well as classic roadside advertising.

    Primedia Outdoor
    Primedia Outdoor is a national outdoor advertising media specialist. Part of the Out-of- Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Primedia Outdoor focuses primarily on the marketing and selling of outdoor advertising signage.
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