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Sasko connects communities through WhatsApp in best #MzansiBread search

Sasko bread is at the heart of many of South Africa's favourite meals - from the iconic bunny chow to the kota and the gatsby. The brand captures this spirit with its official hashtag #MzansiBread. In 2019, Sasko engaged with its loyal customers by using digital to ask what goes into making the best kotas, gatsbys and bunny chows. This campaign worked so well to engage local audiences around the foods they love that the brand decided to follow it up with a new campaign in which customers could stand to win by voting on which places serve the best #MzansiBread.
Sasko connects communities through WhatsApp in best #MzansiBread search

But what would be the best way to get South Africans to engage seamlessly with the brand while enabling voting functionality, data collection and the ability for customers to stay up to date with Sasko news and events in their area? The answer lay right in our very pockets: WhatsApp! The platform has the highest penetration of any messaging or social media app in South Africa with over 38 million South Africans using it, and consumers already love and trust it. As a result, Sasko approached WhatsApp marketing leader Techsys Digital to build this campaign on the platform.

To reach as broad an audience of Sasko’s devoted social followers as possible, the campaign communications were promoted as social media ads. Interested consumers could then click through to the WhatsApp line to begin interacting. Here they were prompted to select their favourite #MzansiBread and then vote for the restaurant or outlet they believe makes the ultimate version of a kota, gatsby or bunny chow. Voting automatically entered participants into the draw to stand to win limited edition #MzansiBread streetwear.

Sasko connects communities through WhatsApp in best #MzansiBread search

Being at the heart of many South African meals, Sasko is a brand that connects communities as we share in the foods that unite us. For this reason, participants on the WhatsApp line were given the opportunity to drop their location pin to stay up to date with Sasko news and events in their area.

The campaign was a success for Sasko on many levels, generating brand affinity, rewarding consumers and connecting communities around the concept of how #MzansiBread brings us together. Both the brand and its fans benefit by consumers being able to receive localised updates on Sasko news and events, enabled by the geolocation functionality of the WhatsApp campaign. For the brand, the campaign received over two thousand entries and helped them grow their mobile database for future mobile campaigns.

Sasko connects communities through WhatsApp in best #MzansiBread search

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