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Concert for the CD Launch of Rockville 2069

A concert for the CD Launch of Rockville 2069: A Rock Musical will be held on Saturday, 18 August, 2012, at Kelvin Grove, Newlands, Cape Town. The doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 8.30pm.
Rockville 2069 is a relevant and contemporary rock musical set to create a new shift in this genre. It is the creative brainchild of composer Johnny Ray; the script and lyrics were written by Johnny Ray and Bruno Paiola. Rockville 2069 is a fully orchestrated production that has over 60 artists and musicians from different cultural and musical backgrounds collaborating to bring a new voice to the rock musical scene.

The music was written by Johnny Ray, arranged by Johnny Ray and Kyle Peterson and adapted and scored by Darryl Andrews. The album was produced by TLC productions, tracked and mixed at the Nut House Recording Studio under the musical direction of Andrew Ford and mastered by Tim Lengfeld of TL Mastering. The CD distribution has been contracted to EMI, and the release is due in early September. There are a total of 22 tracks on the album.

The following musicians and artists contributed to the album:

  • Strings: Patrick Goodwin (lead), Titzia Blake, Lucia Scott, Dorette Roos, Paula Fourie, Petra Hofmeyer and Kristian Chernev
  • Woodwinds: Marc de Kock and Basil Raad
  • Trumpets: Dave Thompson and Michael Blake
  • Percussion: Frank Mallows, Andrew Ford and Bronwen Clacherty
  • Drums: Kevin Gibson
  • Bass: Prof Mike Campbell and Shaun Johannes
  • Acoustic guitar: Tony Cox
  • Electric guitar: Juan Oosthuizen (Floors)
  • Keyboards: Andrew Ford, Kyle Peterson and Ricardo McCarthy
  • Harmonica: Dave Ferguson
  • Main vocalists: Michael Naranjo, Joseph Clark, Lucy Tops, Bronwyn Reddy, Monique Hellenburg, Andries Botha and Cedric Van Denschrik
  • Featured and backing vocalists: Beverly Scott-Brown, Bronwyn Reddy, Lucy Tops, Leanni Ekermans, Dane Parman, Madeleen Falck, Sandile Gontsana, Cliff Benton, Riyaan Cornelius,
    Zakes Wulana, Monique Hellenberg and TJ Simon
  • Techno mix and production: Sergio Batista and Neil Potgieter

The plot

Rockville 2069 is a futuristic rock musical that is, at heart, a love story set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world and steeped in the philosophies that characterise the rebellion of the 1960s and 70s, as well as those that are currently shaping our world.

The story tells us of an Earth that has been destroyed by man's neglect and climate change - however one small archipelago of islands, known as Rockville, survives and is now home to a group of peace-loving rockers, sound technicians and musicians, who were celebrating 100 years of the Woodstock festival of 1969. As the only known survivors of breathable land left on earth, they create a protective force field that shelters them from the frozen wasteland and toxic fog that is Earth. And in order to regenerate this vital shield with resonating sound waves, their musicians play each day at dusk and dawn.

But their harmony and calm doesn't last long as a group of ragged outsiders wish to take control of their utopia and so a tale of betrayal, treachery and greed unfolds - only to be saved at the very end in an epic "battle of the bands" fuelled by loyalty and love.


R 120 - R 400 per person at Webtickets

Standard ticket price: R 120 This would exclude the graphic novel and CD, but would include a ticket to the concert, welcome drinks and food (and after celebration of sushi and champagne). The graphic novel and CD will be on sale afterwards.

Premium ticket price: R 285

Food and refreshments on arrival, and a special edition gift pack which includes the graphic novel and the CD. After party includes sushi and champagne.
Please note: If a couple only require one graphic novel and CD - it's R 200 per person - which means R400 in total.

Social media

Website: www.rockville2069.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rockville2069arockmusical
Twitter: twitter.com/Rockville2069
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