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#BizTrends2022: Khumo Theko to present 'Connecting in the Knowledge-based Era'

Scheduled to take place on 2 February 2022, Khumo Theko, a trends analyst and trend spotter, will share a taster of what delegates can expect from her trend presentation cultivating connections, navigating cultural relevance on social platforms through co-collaborations and influential cultural moments that drive consumer engagement, at BizTrends 02.02.2022.
#BizTrends2022: Khumo Theko to present 'Connecting in the Knowledge-based Era'

Khumo Theko will also explore how business is capitalising on the mobile economy in Africa to provide greater access for consumers through innovations such as the Super Apps and mobile money, promising an all-round status update of the ‘knowledge-based era’ and how mobile economy, finance and telecoms sectors are increasingly serving people’s needs, especially the unbanked.

Here, we chat with Khumo Theko, in the build-up to BizTrends 02.02.2022...

What constitutes a trend for you?

If it appears in three different spaces - then something is emerging, and I look into it.

How do you use your trend insights to identify trends throughout Africa?

I generally investigate how the trend is interpreted in a local context - or if it is something that the local market is even considering. I think the continent is sometimes overlooked for some technologically led trends, but it's actually about spotting the need they are solving or access they are providing that may be different to the global markets use or interpretation.

I See Africa looks to point out shifts and disruptions in the creative economy. How do you identify these shifts?

Curiosity is usually the starting point. I am interested in seeing and understanding the evolution of the creative sector in the continent. Then, of course, research ( in various forms) guides and directs the identifying or investigating of the shifts.

What does the creative economy mean to you?

The development, growth and evolution of the creative sector that artistically tells African stories through local artists and businesses.

What is the overall goal in bringing these shifts and disruptions to the forefront?

There are two goals:

  1. Highlight investment opportunities within the various markets in the different regions

  2. Provide access for people in the continent, a trend in one region or country could provide access to a service or product for people in another region or country. There may be infrastructure hurdles and civil challenges in our continent, but there are also innovations that are bypassing these obstacles to provide services and products that can be either be replicated or translated in different regions.

How has the use of trends been the best way in achieving this goal?

Trends help identify where the shifts or disruptions are emerging and how they are playing out in society.

Can you share a bit about what audiences can expect from your presentation?

We will be taking a look into the evolution of brand connection on social media, highlighting how brands have taken on the skill of meeting consumers at cultural moments, which is changing how brands and consumers engage online.

As a professional trend consultant, where do you get your trend inspiration from and how does one go about putting it together to be useable for client brands?

This might sound corny, but the world around us is the canvas - society creates the trends based on how they respond or react to events, businesses, changes in the environment etc.

What is your favourite/least favourite social media platform?

Tumblr is one platform I haven’t gotten used to using, I don’t even remember my user name.

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