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If you're content, we're content

Content strategists, bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, opinionistas - every day, advertorial and promotional initiatives are launched into a wider pool of competing content providers. Content is currently the word on everybody's lips, with everyone from the existing media to brand owners and individuals being encouraged to become content providers.

Ahead of the curve

If you're content, we're content has been ahead of the content curve for over a decade. In 2001, we built the platforms that allow companies, media and brand owners to release business content via their own dedicated publishing platform - aka Biz Press Office - using our site.

A Press Office acts as a really easy-to-maintain website from which to publish company news to targeted business communities. In light of the above mentioned content race, these facilities are becoming particularly relevant.

Last year, topped a record-breaking 5 324 815 monthly page views, our online audience grew by 15% and subscriptions to our portfolio of 26 industry newsletters shot up by 45% - meaning that press releases placed on Biz have an excellent chance of being noticed by the right audience.

You've produced the content, now what?

The relevant company news we receive from our Press Office holders gets seen by all industry stakeholders, from decision-makers and the associations that drive them to mainstream/B2B journalists and our future - students and job seekers wishing to enter a sector.

In addition, we now tweet and share releases to our 18 000+ social media followers, greatly enhancing the scope of your content efforts and ensuring cost-effective distribution of your news to local, global and Pan African audiences.

Even corporates and existing media who have their own mouthpieces use Bizcommunity for a variety of purposes - to tell their brand stories, for event coverage, for opinion pieces, for sparking industry debate and for promoting their CSI or sustainability initiatives.

Bizcommunity Press Office opportunities:

  • Drive traffic to your Press Office news: disseminating news via a Biz Press Office allows you to use your Biz Press Office link on your company identity - email signatures, business cards, website "contact us" pages, and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc) - to drive traffic to your Press Office and, in turn, back to your website.

  • Share across social networks: every time you post a release on Biz, we now tweet it on your behalf and also post the article link on our Facebook page - giving you maximum share mileage across social media channels.

  • Maintain a regular online presence: stay top of mind in your industry with well thought-out content offering. You do not have to wait for an account win or a major corporate initiative to publish an engaging press release. Appearing regularly in the media creates the perception of professionalism and that you are serious about working the digital media space.

  • Event coverage: sharing a post-event write-up with a few gallery images is an easy means of keeping your company top of mind and generating engaging company content.

  • Opinions and educationals: a press office can be used to steer opinion about industry issues, stimulate debate and provide valuable information for your community - positioning yourself as an industry opinion leader.

  • Story time: telling your brand story is a hot topic in content creation right now.

  • Industry leaders: Biz Press Offices are ideal for key industry associations and bodies to communicate and motivate necessary state-of-the-industry information.

  • Everybody is a brand: building your personal brand is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Bizcommunity has many ways to help you manage your reputation professionally in the digital space.

Catch the content wave

Our content team is happy to advise on content ideas for your company or brand across any of our 26 industry portals. We can also arrange for the releases to be written on your behalf (for a small fee, of course) - please email moc.ytinummoczib@eciffosserp to catch the current wave of content opportunities on Biz.

Get more visitors to your Press Office content by downloading the "Very content with a BIZ Press Office" button for use in your email signature or on your website with a link to your press office. Click here to download the button.

All you have to do is copy the HTML code into your website.

For information on all of's rates and product offerings, please email moc.ytinummoczib@selas or phone +27 (0)21 680 2500, or contact any of our fabulous digital account managers:
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