Rapid mobile shopping uptake among SA consumers: Spree

Online fashion retailer, Spree, has conducted a survey that indicates that there is a 167% increase in the number of people preferring to shop via their mobile phone over other devices since the survey was last run in 2015.

©prykhodov via via 123RF
Almost half of the respondents (48%) preferred to shop mobile over desktop compared to only 18% in 2015; 39% of respondents still do prefer the big screen of desktops and laptops (63% in 2015) and tablet has remained similar at 13% in 2017 (19% in 2015).

Increase in mobile spend

The 2017 survey asked consumers about their mobile purchasing preferences, purchase choices and amounts they usually spend on goods via mobile. It revealed that 85% of these mobile shoppers prefer using an app to a mobile website and saw an increase in spending via mobile. The biggest increase (48% up) was seen in the respondents who spend between R1,000-R2,500 per month and a total growth of 42% of respondents said to spend up to R5,000 per month via mobile. In addition to this, 60% of respondents indicated that their spend on goods via mobile is likely to increase in the next 12 months.

Survey participants cited convenience, security of online shopping compared to mall shopping, ease of doing pre-purchase research on mobile phones and comparing prices as some of the top reasons for shopping via their mobile.

Limitless mobile opportunity

With smartphone usage in SA as high as an estimated 16.1 million, an increasing number of shoppers are opting to make purchases on their mobile phones. In an emerging economy such as South Africa’s, Vincent Hoogduijn – Media24 E-commerce CEO, considers mobile commerce a key economic driver and a massive opportunity for online retailers. “The mobile economy has exceeded expectations with its rapid pace of growth. As it continues to grow and disrupt the retail industry, and with mobile spend projected to increase by 123% just next year, the potential of that mobile economy is limitless,” says Hoogduijn.

Spree noted 129% growth from 2016 to 2017 in mobile traffic and a 266% increase in mobile orders of which the majority was placed via the Spree app. “Our results firmly indicate how mobile in South Africa is becoming the preferred shopping method amongst online shoppers.”

It is clear that mobile shopping is here to stay. “Our mobile-first strategy has paid off nicely and we will continue to innovate in that space to make the mobile shopping experience even better,” ends Hoogduijn.
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