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Seacom announces acquisition of SAI

Pan-African telecommunications service provider, Seacom, has completed the 100% acquisition of the SME-focused Internet Service Provider, SAI, in KwaZulu-Natal.
Following the successful launch of Seacom Business in 2015 to directly serve Africa’s data-using business customers, the acquisition supports Seacom’s plans to deliver best-in-class connectivity and cloud services to business customers along the South African East Coast.

SAI will be rebranded as the Seacom KwaZulu-Natal office and will lead Seacom’s expansion in the KwaZulu-Natal market for fibre internet access to business-customer premises.

SAI have a long history of providing telecommunications solutions that meet the precise requirements of their subscribers, including high-performance Internet access, voice, hosting solutions, security and data protection. SAI staff are adept at applying the latest technologies to customer solutions as demand for high-speed business connectivity and quality bandwidth at affordable prices continues to grow.
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By Byron Clatterbuck 4 Jul 2018

“This acquisition allows us to leverage SAI’s expertise, reputation and local market knowledge, effectively speeding up our regional growth plans in KwaZulu-Natal,” says Byron Clatterbuck, CEO of Seacom.

Suveer Ramdhani, chief development officer at Seacom, adds, “Our strategy to grow through customer and market diversification is bearing fruit. The SAI acquisition represents another successful step in our transformation journey.”

The Seacom Business division offers best-in-class connectivity and cloud services in South African metros, with fibre Internet access options ranging from 25Mbps up to 1Gbps. The specialised offering for commercial customers and property managers leverages Seacom’s abundant, scalable capacity on its undersea cable system, and continent-wide IP-MPLS network.

Says Des Ramsay, managing director at SAI, “SAI customers and staff will benefit significantly from the resources Seacom has to offer. With a connection directly into the heart of the African Internet, user experience will be unsurpassed and Seacom’s presence in KZN accelerated.”
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