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Caxton launches independent research unit

Caxton Publishers has launched an independent marketing and research division known as Central Intelligence Unit (CIU). It follows the restructuring of the Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB) research and marketing services division. Lynne Krog will head the unit as senior manager with Jacqui Tanton as manager, supported by a team of GIS analysts and market researchers.
L to R: Jacqui Tanton as manager, Lynne Krog as senior manager and Julia Renouprez as senior GIS analyst.
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The unit gathers and houses internal and external marketing intelligence relevant to the advertising and retail industry. Its services are available to all businesses in the Caxton stable, including NAB as well as outside businesses in need of advice.

"Among other things, the CIU will act as the group's engine room of marketing intelligence. Divisions will be able to access its services to analyse and interpret available industry research like AMPS and ROOTS; design and implement custom research as needed, provide circulation comparisons (ABC/VFD), interpret adspend analysis and review the state of the economy and its impact on small, medium and large businesses," says NAB's John Bowles.

Gill Randall adds that the unit will also provide geographic information system (GIS) tools to develop and maintain location databases and geo demographic analysis. "In addition, the unit will house a training discipline using research and GIS to help our branches and staff to sell more effectively as well as to maintain the current offering of a 'bird's eye view' for our existing client base."
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