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The biggest factors influencing industrial cleaning

The world is constantly in flux - what's the standard today may not be so by tomorrow. And while being trendy may seem superficial at first, ensuring that your business follows suit with the rest of world is crucial, especially in an industry like industrial cleaning.

Industrial cleaning is a large industry with extensive demands. As a manager and/or operator within this industry, it is of vital importance that information about upcoming trends and predictions are acknowledged and, when it is the right fit, adhered to.

According to the Industrial Cleaning Market by Ingredient, by and by Product Global Trends & Forecast to 2020 report, the market size of industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals is projected to reach $50.24bn by 2020.

Increased awareness

Reportedly this major increase within the worldwide industrial cleaning market is derived from various factors including, but not limited to, the increased health and hygiene awareness that is happening worldwide. According to the report, other factors have also been influential to this growth, including increased awareness of “safety liability on the part of the company or an institution and growing demand from the application industries".

Going green

The types of products being purchased are also important to note. Along with global awareness of health and safety issues increasing, the ‘green movement’ should also be taken into consideration. With millennials starting to occupy more decision-making roles within the workplace, the trend is overwhelmingly shifting towards eco-conscious, green, organic products – which are far preferred over their harsher chemical counterparts.

“The demand for industrial cleaning products is increasing at a rapid rate. Consumers are not only increasing their orders, but they are becoming more and more specific about the quality and type of product that they want. It is imperative that industrial cleaning manufacturers can supply high-quality, cost-effective, multi-purpose and organic industrial cleaning products,” explains John J Coetzee, CEO of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.

Healthcare investment

Industrial cleaning products that are free of harsh and damaging chemicals are vital, especially for products supplied to restaurants and healthcare facilities where harsh chemicals can have a direct effect on both employees and clients. According to the aforementioned report, “healthcare is the fastest growing application. (It) is expected to grow due to heavy spending in healthcare activities in developed economies. Moreover, rising awareness and growth in healthcare investment are the major factors boosting the industrial and institutional cleaning market.”

It further reports that the industrial cleaning market is set to continue its dramatic increase well into 2025 and potentially beyond.

“In such a booming market it is critical that manufacturers and suppliers understand the needs and demands of the industries that they are serving. It is also their responsibility to ensure that they maintain high-quality control and meet demand without compromising health and safety, thereby providing products that are effective and safe for consumers as well as the environment,” concludes Coetzee.
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