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Plea for packaging that opens

Packaging is critical, particularly in the FMCG category. Manufacturers spend money on research and design to put something on the shelf that will catch the consumers' eye and convince them to buy the product. However, once the product is ready to be opened, consumers hit the first obstacle.
Plea for packaging that opensWhen they get back, they try and get to the product that was marketed and bought, but it is virtually impossible. Either they have to be Samson or Einstein to get to the product.

One is aware of the high crime statistics in South Africa and that pilfering is a huge problem for shop owners, chains, etc but surely there is somewhere in between being impossible to get to the product and being extremely easy to get to the product, that will minimise pilfering, but make consumers happy?

If marketing fundi spend so much time making sure that the packaging looks right, can the packaging manufacturers/engineers please do their jobs so as to not turn a positive brand image into a negative?

The other gripe is electrical plugs. Do manufacturers or distributors of electrical products in Southern Africa not know that we have three-pronged plugs as a norm? Every time one buys an appliance, one has to remember to buy an adapter so that the 2-prong can fit. The reason may be to save on packaging but customer satisfaction is also vital. Manufacturers of packaging need to get it right.

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