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Glacéau smartwater launches in SA

Glacéau smartwater - America's leading water brand - is now available in South Africa.
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Smartwater is inspired by the simple process that nature uses to make clouds. A process called vapour distillation. What happens is that the water evaporates into vapour. Vapour leaves impurities behind. Vapour is then condensed back to water. This vapour distilled water is re-mineralised with electrolytes, which gives it a clean, pure and crisp taste.

Highly functional product

The brand has launched with huge success in the UK, Australian and Indian markets and Kamini Redhi, senior brand manager for Glacéau smartwater says that it’s definitely the right time to bring it to the South African market.
Smartwater appeals to aware, on-the-go, style-conscious consumers who are looking for some extra style from their water. Smartwater is both a status symbol and a highly functional product because it looks and tastes great. The vapour-distilled process, which is inspired by the clouds, delivers a stylish refreshment for our hot summer days.
Glacéau smartwater is available exclusively from selected grocery and garage stores in Durban, Cape Town and Joburg city centres at a recommended retail price of R15 for a 600ml bottle.
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