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#NewBiz: Hoorah acquires Tenzing Agency

Digital media consultancy, Hoorah plans to ramp up its e-commerce capabilities with the acquisition of Durban-based design and development agency, Tenzing.
Hoorah CSO and co-founder Jay Thomson and Tenzing Agency co-founder Jason Liebenberg.
Hoorah CSO and co-founder Jay Thomson and Tenzing Agency co-founder Jason Liebenberg.

Founded earlier this year by four veterans of the South African digital space, Hoorah has made significant strides since launching. Having won accounts – including that of the World Wildlife Foundation for Nature (WWF) in South Africa – before it officially launched, the digital media consultancy recently sold an equity stake to The Odd Number, with whom it won the Nedbank digital account.

The relationship between Hoorah and Tenzing Agency started when the Durban-based company was approached to help Hoorah achieve its vision for the WWF’s revamped e-commerce offering at

A truly holistic e-commerce business offering

It was in the midst of this project that the Hoorah team realised that the talent embedded in Tenzing could help it provide an end-to-end commerce solution for its clients.

The agency’s e-commerce business offering is truly holistic, featuring end-to-end solutions that eliminate the barriers that brands face when venturing into the online shopping environment. An innovative approach to backend development enables vital business focused integrations to product fulfilment and distribution networks.

This approach to e-commerce is built upon its deep understanding of consumer online shopping behaviour and trends. Their enhanced ability to create professional content allows the agency to execute technology pieces that shine on a global scale.

In addition, Tenzing boasts a strong digital offering within the automotive industry, a result of a defined focus when building the ever-growing team. With motor journalists, videographers and photographers as part of the DNA of Tenzing, they have proven their ability by driving results to the biggest brand names in South Africa, namely BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, VW and Toyota.

Producing real business results

While the South African online retail space remains relatively small, it is growing. Hoorah hopes to help clients capitalise on that growth by using targeted media to drive customers to online stores that look good and work well.

“At Hoorah, we’re all about producing real business results for our clients,” says Hoorah CSO and co-founder Jay Thomson. “The work we did with Tenzing on the WWF store brought home how important e-commerce can be in producing those results”.

“If you understand how to target consumers correctly, and we believe we do,” he says, “you can ensure that they get to your site. Once they get there, however, the shopping experience has to be one that makes them want to buy. By bringing Tenzing into the Hoorah family, we can ensure that happens”.

The acquisition also provides Hoorah with increased exposure to a growing Durban market.

A wealth of digital experience

“We’re incredibly excited to have a permanent presence in Durban,” says Thomson. “The city has a growing sense of energy and vibrancy, with companies there demanding the same kind of quality in their digital offerings as they’d get in Cape Town and Johannesburg”.

For Tenzing Agency co-founder Jason Liebenberg, the deal is a chance to expose his team to the knowledge and experience embedded in Hoorah. “The Hoorah team has a wealth of digital experience,” says Liebenberg. “They’ve seen it all within South African and international contexts. The mentorship they provide can only benefit us as we become part of the Hoorah family”.

Under the terms of the deal, Tenzing will be absorbed into Hoorah, effectively becoming its e-commerce arm.

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