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4 kinds of sharing to increase market share

Share-of-mind-awareness, also known as top-of-mind awareness, is a traditional marketing measure of how memorable a company or brand name is in the minds of consumers, with the ultimate goal being the first brand that people think of in a category or niche.
4 kinds of sharing to increase market share

In the past share-of-mind status may have been considered the reserve of established mega-budget brands, but digital, social and B2B media have opened the playing field for many size brands to compete in pursuit of the share-of-mind and share-of-market stakes. Along with social media, the B2B media offers democratic and cost-effective platforms for many brands especially those in business service-related categories.

1. Share-of-mind:

The B2B media is where business communications happen. Including SEO keywords in press releases or articles allows technical, complex or often less differentiated service providers - such as software, security, finance or healthcare - to increase their share-of-mind and position themselves for increased mindshare in the valuable business marketing space.

2. Share-of-voice:

To stand out, or to be perceived as differentiated from competitors or parity categories, any content strategy entails the need for companies to find their unique brand voice. Business content does not have to be dry or technical.

A company’s ethos, the people behind the brand, USPs, innovation - are some of the factors that will allow a brand, even in a parity or less than sexy sector, to be of interest to prospects.

Brand voice or tone should be carried through to all the places where the brand speaks, such as newsletters, social media posts, company announcements and advertising, and B2B platforms allow this extension of share-of-voice activity across to all touchpoints, that acts as a sort of digital handshake to prospects.

3. Share-of-search

A metric defined as the number of organic searches your brand receives in your category. Consistent delivery of your business content across multiple channels is the key to good ratios of your brand to overall number of searches in your category or sector.

4. Share-of-market:

It’s true that the lion’s share-of-market and profits is usually enjoyed by established and recognisable brand leaders, but the plethora of media channels now available to marketers allows even brands that are not the category leaders to compete for share-of-mind and share-of-market in a product or service category.

Business-to-business communications are becoming an increasingly creative space where brands in any sector can stand out and challenge competitors. Young brands are agile and can have the element of surprise.

Differentiation is key.

What is your company doing differently?

Where are the innovations in your sector?

Fresh visuals, formats, communications and platforms are the tools that allow your brands to play in the B2B space.

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B2B content is a professional SEO strategy that can drive Share-of-Mind (SOM), Share-of-Voice (SOV), Share-of-Search and Share-of-Market for your company and a whole lot of other kinds of sharing as well!

Often, top of mind awareness belongs to the brand that has the largest market share. However, there are plenty of ways to increase top of mind awareness and challenge dominant competitors.

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